Why and How You Should Keep Up with the News

Why You Should Read the News

While it may be more entertaining to keep up with Kardashians, following current events and reading the news daily is an important way to stay informed. I started reading the news daily over two years ago and I found it to be a really positive habit that I’m really glad I engaged in. It’s very important to stay informed about current events, as some of them can affect you personally. Keeping up with politics will help you to form your own opinions about issues, and will be helpful when it’s time for you to vote in the next election. In addition, reading the news can be a really good opportunity to expand your knowledge of the world and to explore more about topics that you’re interested in. It can be overwhelming to try to follow current events without much background information, but the more you read, the more you’ll know. For example, when reading stories about Trump, it can be confusing to keep track of his ever-changing inner circle. If you find yourself lacking background knowledge of people or events, it’s easy to Google them and fill in the gaps, and you’ll build a background knowledge over time.

How to Get into the Habit of Reading the News

Like any habit, it can be a challenge to make reading the news a part of your daily routine. Find a time during the day that works for you and try your best to make it a daily habit. Personally, I like to read the news when I wake up in the morning while drinking coffee. I find it’s a relaxing way to start off my morning, and it helps me start my day on a positive, productive note. Most importantly, try to find a news source that works for you. If you don’t subscribe to a physical newspaper, most newspapers offer online subscriptions that are cheaper and more environmentally friendly. CBC News is a free news outlet that places a lot of emphasis on Canadian stories. My personal recommendation is to sign up for the New York Times briefing emails. They are free, and you can sign up for morning, evening and weekend updates. They also offer email newsletters on specific subjects, such as Science, The Interpreter or Canadian affairs. They summarize the top stories of the day and provide links to interesting articles, and are a good way to stay informed. If you find any of the stories interesting, there are links to the full stories on the New York Times website, which requires paid access after a few free articles a month. Whatever way you choose to read the news, and however frequently you can fit it into your routine, you should applaud yourself for taking a positive step towards being more informed.