What It’s Like to Have a Birthday in December

As an individual born in late December, I understand the frustration of having a birthday during this time of year feeling as though my big day is irrelevant and merely blends into the rest of the holiday celebrations. I am sure all December babies can relate to these recurring irritations:

1. Getting wished “Merry Birthday!”

Wishes are usually belated.

2. As for presents you will either a) receive a birthday gift that’s combined with your Christmas present or b) a re-gift

I just love the two-in-one combo idea and getting the Subway gift card that nobody wanted.

3. They’re also wrapped in Christmas paper

Can someone just wrap it animal-themed wrapping paper for once?

4. The weather is more than likely terrible so you probably won’t be able to go anywhere or do anything

Nothing like going to bed at 8:30 PM on your birthday!!!

5. And if the weather is good, your friends will either be soaking up the sun in a tropical country or have a family thing that day

Now it comes down to the last resort: “Hey, Mom! Wanna hit up the club with me?”

6. So you most likely have to plan your party to be a month before or a month after your birthday

Maybe we can just reinvent our birth dates altogether.

7. You’re still full from pounding back the Christmas turkey to have cake

Provided that the person baking it for you neither forgot nor was too busy to do so.

8. You’re the infant of your year

A.K.A. You will be the last one to be able to do ANYTHING (let’s just say it’s been a long stretch to legality).

9. Not being able to get a nice birthday photo without a Santa hat or a Christmas tree in the background

10. You’re just a forgotten soul

Okay, this is slightly over dramatic.

Essentially, what I am trying to say is, it’s time to shine the spotlight on December babies for once. Remember, it’s their DAY OF BIRTH! These wonderful humans need to be celebrated. Regardless of who reads this, myself to YOU, the December baby - happy birthday, you deserve to have an awesome day.