Watch out 90s Kids, Our Childhood is making a Comeback

As if Miley Cyrus’ comeback wasn’t enough, all of our childhood favourites are making their way back into the spotlight. From the Jonas Brothers to the Disney remake of the Lion King, we are here for the recreation of our childhood. No more need for Throwback to the 90’s parties, get ready because we will always be partying like it’s 1999.

  1. 1. The Spice Girls

    The first of the noteworthy comebacks is the Spice Girls. They are planning their 2019 tour across the world and we all WANNABE at those concerts. Although posh spice, Victoria Beckham will not be joining the tour, Mel B, Emma, Melanie, and Geri are fired up for the big return to the stage next month.

  2. 2. Billy Ray Cyrus

    As for all the Hannah Montana lovers, Billy Ray Cyrus (known for his role as Billy Ray Stewart) has upgraded from his “Super cool, super hot, I’m the girl you like a lot. I’m super, super girl” jingle on the show to his feature in Lil Nas X’s song, "Old Town Road" which has been top of the charts the past couple weeks.

  3. 3. ClubPenguin and Toontown

    You might have thought that it was over for these two favourite online games but loyal fans have taken it upon themselves to rewrite the software for the kids that grew up playing the games. Check out ClubPengiun Rewritten and Toontown Rewritten.

  4. 4. The Jonas Brothers

    Our hearts sank when we found out the band broke up. But, with the new release of their songs "Sucker" and "Cool", they are the comeback kings at the moment. From talk shows to followers on social media, they have found their way back into the spotlight.

Hopefully, more of our favourite childhood memories would make a comeback. Who knows what might be next.