Unpopular Opinion: November is too early for Christmas

I know that this is an unpopular opinion, but people get so passionate about getting ready for Christmas in November, why not share my opinion?  November is too early for Christmas. There. I said it. This opinion gets misconstrued as I don’t like Christmas at all, which is false! I love Christmas, it’s actually my favourite holiday, but there’s a time and place for Christmas and that is not in November.  Before you disregard my opinion entirely, hear me out. Because I am a politics student and my entire year consists of me writing essays, I’m going to write a mini-essay arguing why November is too early for Christmas.

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First, Christmas means that it’s a time to relax and be with your family and most importantly, a break from school.  November is pretty much the opposite of that, not only is there an extreme amount of work that has to get done, but the atmosphere is stressful.  Everyone is stressed because exams are around the corner and final assignments are due. You have to figure out how you’re going to pull out an A when you’ve only gotten B’s on all of your assignments.  You have to figure out how you’re going to tell your parents that it looks like you’re going to have to do a fifth year. Moral of the story is, it’s not relaxing. Putting up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas movies in November gives the idea that Christmas is soon and we can relax, but that just leads to false hope.  


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Second, Christmas insinuates that there is snow and it is cold.  In November, it’s still fall! I would hope that there isn’t any snow in November, even though this year there was.  I want to hold on to the last few weeks of fall left before singing about snowmen and sledding. This is more of a personal argument because I don’t like the cold, but I am sure, especially those living in Canada can relate that winter is too cold already, we should not hope for another month of cold.  Therefore, Christmas should not be celebrated in November because the weather does not align with the holiday so it doesn’t make any sense


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    My final argument is it just doesn’t make sense to celebrate Christmas in November.  Christmas is not until the end of December, so why celebrate for more than an entire month?  You don’t see people celebrating Halloween in September or Valentine’s Day in January, so why is Christmas so special that it gets to have more than one month of celebration?  It’s not really an argument, but it had to be said.

    Although I don’t think this will change anyone’s opinion on Christmas in November, I wanted to be able to share my opinion.  There are enough days in December to celebrate Christmas, it’s unnecessary for it to spill over to November too.