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Sex toys are still pretty taboo. But just because society makes us think that we should hide them in the back of a drawer doesn’t mean we have to. It’s not a secret that women use toys for sexual pleasure, both solo and with their partner(s). But why should we have to hide it? And just because something’s a sex toy doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty and functional at the same time.

Note: Many of these sex toys are available on the Bonjibon.com website, a small Canadian-owned and operated business focusing on sexual wellness. They also donate 10% of their profits to different charities each month. I have no affiliation with Bonjibon (or any other sites linked below), but I think they’re pretty cool, so I’d recommend checking them out!

Blue glass sex toys on a pink background
Photo by Anna Schvets from Pexels
Class and Glass

Glass toys are a classic for a reason. Although they aren’t flexible and mostly used for penetrative play, there are many advantages to glass toys. They’re easy to clean, very durable, hypoallergenic and compatible with all types of lubricants. You can also use them for temperature play, either warming them in water or putting them in the freezer for some new sensations. Oh, and glass toys look classy, even when they’re phallic. The way that the light refracts makes them look like a piece of modern art. Simple toys, such as this beaded wand, can be safely used for both vaginal and anal play and may look intimidating at first, but are actually pretty safe for both newbies and more experienced individuals alike.

For something a little more unique, there are toys with iridescent patterns, others that glow in the dark, and some with bumps and texture for more friction. For those looking to add spice in the bedroom, consider this chili pepper-shaped dildo. There are even some toys with ornate designs at the end, like this festive Valentine’s Day rose plug. Whatever you’re looking for, there are options for everyone that are both functional in bed and not embarrassing to keep lying on your bedside table.

Lily-shaped Vibrator and Glass Toy in front of Plant
Original photo by Ariane Hadziomerovic

Vibing in Plain Sight

If you’re looking for something battery-powered, many products are both practical and cute. Gone are the days that vibrators need to have the same three shapes—they now come in plenty of sizes and designs to change things up.

For something simple and discreet, there are small vibrators shaped like a lipstick tube or pen, which wouldn’t look out of place on any nightstand. For someone with more of a sense of humour, this pickle-shaped vibrator or this rubber ducky massager may just do the trick and don’t look like sex toys at all! If you have a sweet tooth, peek at this personal spinner shaped like an ice cream cone, which you can use on any part of the body for new sensations. If you’re more glam, take a look at this gold diamond-shaped vibrator, which is small but powerful and very discreet.

I also love this lily-inspired toy, which has natural shapes to fit the female form for maximum pleasure. It can be used both externally and internally, and the flexible petal shape allows for a sensation that many other toys don’t provide. It also comes with a magnetic charging base, which you can use as a stand after use.

If you’re more comfortable sticking to a classic wand or rabbit vibrator, that’s okay too, whatever floats your boat! But if you’re a little quirky and want to find something a bit different or unconventional, I’d definitely look into some of the new options that people have come up with.


Putting an “Oooh” in Jewelry

Technology has gotten so compact nowadays, so it’s no wonder that people have started designing wearable sex toys for on-the-go fun. They’re easy to carry around, convenient to use after a night out, and honestly, some of them really are gorgeous pieces of statement jewelry.

The Crave Vesper necklace, as shown above, is a vibrator necklace that has almost a thousand verified reviews on their website and is generally considered the original wearable sex toy. It comes in three colours, is surprisingly stylish and understated, and you can even get it engraved! If necklaces aren’t your thing, try this statement ring that doubles as a vibrator. It comes in gold or silver and swivels on your finger to reach the best angle for your pleasure. Either piece is easy to wear and can add a buzz to your sex life if you’re away from home.

If you’re more into restraints after a great night out, consider getting handcuff bracelets, which are subtle enough to wear out but still allow for some fun after the night is done. There are many different styles, including statement bangles, metallic mesh cuffs, or leather cuffs to suit anyone’s style. Although these aren’t meant to be incredibly sturdy, they do add a bit of unexpected anticipation to an outfit.

For sensation play, whip necklaces allow for teasing and gentle impact play on the go. This super sleek tassel design and this bold golden collar can both be used as whips. Although they’re not as sturdy as something you’d use in a dungeon, they can add a little excitement to some couples’ fun.

There are so many new options of sex toys out there that there’s something for everyone. And it’s okay to have pretty sex toys!

My name is Ariane and I am studying biology and psychology at Queen's University! I am passionate about environmental conservation and feminism, and love trying new things, volunteering to help those around me, and general self-improvement!