Top Restaurants in Kingston for Gluten-Free People

It's hard out here for us gluten-free students just trying to find some affordable and not cardboard tasting food. So, here is my list of the top go-to gluten-free restaurant options here in Kingston! 

Geneva Crepe Café

This charming restaurant offers sweet and savoury crepes which can be prepared on a gluten-free, vegan buckwheat crepe!

Tango Nuevo

One of my favourite restaurants in Kingston! They offer a variety of tapas-style dishes. They clearly label which items are gluten-free or can be prepared gluten-free and are very knowledgeable of allergens.

Score Pizza

A great make-your-own pizza restaurant where you can pick from a large variety of toppings and can be made with gluten-free dough.

Fat Bastard Burrito

Finally, a burrito restaurant with gluten-free burritos! While the quality is not comparable to Chipotle, it’s nice to have the option to indulge in some seriously needed late-night (or middle of the day) cuisine. 

Casa Domenico

A great Italian restaurant offering gluten-free pasta options. All the pasta hopes and dreams you can ask for in Kingston. 

Northside Espresso

This cute café offers gluten-free (and vegan) options which are clearly labeled and is a great place for breakfast or brunch!

Pizza Studio

Similar to Score Pizza, except not as good in my opinion. However, Pizza Studio is a shorter walk from campus and also offers gluten-free dough.


I know they have Subway everywhere, but their gluten-free bread is probably the best I’ve had so it needed to be included. 

Copper Branch

This place recently opened and has a lot of gluten-free and vegan options. Try the gluten free waffles!