Top 7 Signs From the Climate March

You’ve probably seen throughout social media and news networks, pictures of individuals with witty signs protesting the climate change. Youth activists, such as Jamie Margolin and Greta Thunberg, are compelling people around the world for support of such an important issue. They’re inspiring for taking a stand against powerful politicians--some old enough to be their grandfathers. However, the creativity behind the signs really impressed me and brought me to really think about the travesty at hand. I want to highlight the creative signs that brought the needed attention to changes which need to take place for our world.

  1. 1. For All Those Who Love Florida

  2. 2. To Show the Importance of the Young Generation

  3. 3. A Needed Reality Check

  4. 4. To Remind You Who the True Mother Is

  5. 5. A Catchy Climate Change Anthem

  6. 6. When Fries & Aliens Are Being the Logical Ones

  7. 7. Truth Hurts