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The Top 5 Plant-Based Food Bloggers

There’s no doubt that staying creative with meals can be hard. As a student with a hundred other obligations on the table, maintaining an original, balanced diet can understandably get pushed to the backburner. Though it can be easily overlooked, it’s important to fuel yourself with a variety of nutritious (but yummy) foods. I’ve comprised a list of plant-based food bloggers who provide a great mix of healthy recipes ranging from savoury entrées to mouthwatering desserts (again, keyword here: balanced. I fully support the addition of chocolate to any day).

1. Chocolate Covered Katie -- www.chocolatecoveredkatie.com

This blog is definitely more on the sweet side. It has an astounding number of healthy (or, at least, healthier) desserts that taste just as good as (if not better than) their unhealthy counterparts. I highly recommend her black bean brownies (don’t knock them until you try them), healthy cookie dough dip, pumpkin cupcakes, and vegan thin mints!

2. From My Bowl -- www.frommybowl.com

This food blog features quick, easy and delicious meal recipes inspired by a variety of cuisines, from Asian to South American. She also provides a ton of ideas to spice up salads, bowls, and pasta dishes.

3. Minimalist Baker -- www.minimalistbaker.com

This blog has an extensive list of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes that will amp up your cooking game. If you’re looking for a hearty dish to meal prep, or just a quick dip to bring over to your friend’s house, this is the place to look.

4. Cookie and Kate -- www.cookieandkate.com

This vegetarian food blog has a number of creative recipe ideas for when you’re in the mood to switch things up. You can find a ton of ideas for smoothies, toast toppings, and even mixed drinks.

5. Sweet Simple Vegan -- www.sweetsimplevegan.com

This website features delicious meals, many of which are plant-based recreations of your favourite comfort foods. This blog serves as a testament to the fact that you can still have great food without meat.

Hopefully, these blogs will provide some inspiration for when you’re in the mood for something that’s nutritious, easy and (most importantly) tastes amazing!

Sabrina Fielding

Queen's U '21

Sabrina Fielding is a third-year Con-Ed student at Queen's University, majoring in French. Some of her passions include writing, music, languages, exploring new places, and arguing about what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie.
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