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The Top 5 Movies for Lazy Summer Nights

With the stress of exam season finally coming to an end and summer slowly but surely creeping up, this is the perfect time to allow yourself to sit back and relax with a good movie. Reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve put in over the last eight months (and hey, we won’t talk about the one-too-many episodes of that TV show you may have watched instead of studying. You made it through regardless.) Here are a few suggestions for when you’re looking for something to fill those lazy summer nights with friends.

The Way, Way Back

This film follows the story of Duncan, a 14-year-old boy staying in Cape Cod with his mother and her not-so-nice new boyfriend (played by Steve Carrell!) for the summer. Though the plot may seem nondescript at first glance, trust me when I say you’ll come out the other side of this heartwarming coming-of-age film with laughter, tears, and that warm-and-fuzzy feeling in your chest.

Sleeping Giant

Filmed on the shores of Lake Superior, this Canadian-made movie follows the lives of a group of boys navigating the summer in their small town.

Game Night 

If you’re looking for something funny with a darker twist, look no further. This film, starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, puts a whole new spin on your typical game night. This movie will keep you guessing (and laughing) until the very end.

A Quiet Place

If you’re like me and can’t handle too much horror or gore (but still enjoy a little suspense here and there), this is the movie for you. This film is written by, and stars, The Office’s John Krasinski, and is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are forced into complete silence by creatures with acute hearing. This film is unique in its lack of dialogue, but its message is powerful all the same.

Eighth Grade

If you've been through the emotional rollercoaster that is grade 8 (which I assume most of you have), then I highly recommend this movie. Written by comedian and performer Bo Burnham (whose stand-up show Make Happy is one of my all-time favourites), this movie has a rawness and authenticity that is so often lost in translation between life and film. Prepare to laugh, cringe, and empathize with Kayla as she attempts to figure out life on the cusp of teenagehood.

Sabrina Fielding

Queen's U '21

Sabrina Fielding is a third-year Con-Ed student at Queen's University, majoring in French. Some of her passions include writing, music, languages, exploring new places, and arguing about what makes the perfect chocolate chip cookie.
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