Top 10 Struggles of Being Gluten Free

I am a celiac and I’ve been gluten free for around 8 years now. Here are the top 10 struggles I have experienced while being gluten free.


1. Gluten free substitutes just aren’t as good.

If you’ve ever had a gluten free alternative that has tasted half as good as its gluten-filled counterpart, you’re lying to yourself.

2. Other people have no idea what gluten is.

To be fair, I didn’t really understand what gluten was either until I was forced to be gluten free, but I’m still amazed by how little people know about gluten. I was recently asked why I can eat rice if I’m gluten free so I guess it’s not obvious to everyone that those are not the same thing.

3. When people tell you that a food is gluten free that isn’t.

There’s enough people going gluten free as a health fad that it isn’t always taken seriously in restaurants which is unfortunate for actual gluten free people.

4. Being charged more for gluten free bread.

It’s not fun having to pay more for bread that tastes worse.

5. All of the good drunk food has gluten in it.

There is nothing more pathetic than eating a bun-less McDonald’s burger at 2 am with a fork and knife. Trust me, I’ve been there.

6. People think you’re just being picky.

Excuse me sir, I actually have an autoimmune disorder I’m not just being pretentious.

7. You can’t buy gluten free pizza by the slice.

This means that you’re stuck paying extra for an entire pizza that tastes like cardboard that nobody non-gluten free wants to share with you.

8. A lot of alcohol isn’t gluten free.

If someone gets you a drink, it’s not cute to have to ask if its gluten free. Also, having to tell people constantly why you can’t drink beer - you’re GlUtEn FrEe and subsequently hated for it.

9. People think that this is a conversation starter to talk about their weird fad diet.

Whenever it comes up in conversation like when ordering at a restaurant or something I have to talk to people about their various health kicks for the next 15 minutes. “No Briana, I don’t want to hear about that time you tried being lactose free because it was the popular thing to do”.

10. Having to pay for keggers without getting to drink any alcohol.

Shockingly, most keggers don’t offer gluten free options. Tragic.