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I know, I know…not another rant. But there’s something quite therapeutic about spewing out a string of incoherent thoughts on a platform as spectacular as Her Campus. We’re all family and my thoughts are yours – even incoherent and confusing ones. Okay, so let’s talk TikTok. To begin, let me just say that I’m an avid TikToker. I mean, I watch TikToks religiously, quote them on a daily basis and have memorized every song, tune, dance and meme. 

Upon downloading the app, I hadn’t considered how much screen time I would dedicate to it, which was 23 hours last week alone! I’m extremely worried about my health and have been considering admitting myself to rehab, or perhaps starting one of my own for others with the same issue. Anyways, my intentions with the app were originally pure. Out of curiosity, I meant to investigate why it had received so much hype after mocking my younger sister for sending me TikToks with new dances that she learned. But a joke morphed into my reality and I’m now a TikTok addict. 

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However, and regardless of my preference in leisure, I still have a bone to pick with the app, the creators and the overall message. So this is really where the rant shall begin, and let me just clarify that I don’t mean to offend anyone and respect all creators out there. With that being said, a major issue I have with TikTok creators is the fact that they put down other creators depending on the quality of their videos, editing techniques or their ability to dance. I mean, who really cares how great you are at lip-syncing? TikTok will not affect reality or hinder success; it’s meant for entertainment so let’s just let everybody be themselves in all their glory and exonerate their mistakes. 

In addition, the side-liners and the sneaky commenters hiding behind their screens of terror need to chill. In all honesty, if you don’t find a video to be on par with your taste or views then simply scroll on by; there’s no need to leave hate. Also, especially don’t leave hate on videos based on appearance, style or anything that meets the eye because that’s frankly rude and unnecessary. 

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Bruce Mars

Last but not least, I don’t understand how the bigger creators view TikTok to be a lucrative career with a substantial future. The number of young adults and teenagers I’ve seen drop out of college and high school to focus on creating 60-second videos is outrageous. TikTok may one day cease to exist just like Vine, so they should learn from the past, right? And another thing, why can’t they simply multitask, go to school and film during free time? Countless students, including myself, manage to have jobs, school and many other responsibilities and I bet we would still be able to film a dance video without having to quit real life. Phew, that’s it, that’s all! I have ranted, however, I would like to stress that I respect individual choices and circumstances and don’t mean to degrade or offend anyone! 

Susan Mokh

Queen's U '21

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