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Alcohol Drinking Hands Party
Alcohol Drinking Hands Party
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A Comprehensive Guide to Convincing Your Housemates to go out

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We’ve all been there: It’s a Friday, Saturday, or Thursday…. Or Tuesday or Wednesday night and you’re dying to go out, but your housemates aren’t having it. Maybe you’re really bored or want to run into someone you shouldn’t be seeing. Maybe you want to dance that night or are in need of a fun time after a rough day. What do you do when your housemates/friends aren’t feeling it? Here is a practical guide to convincing your besties that tonight could be the best night of their lives.

Disclaimer: Take this advice with a grain of salt. Know the difference between room for convincing and a hard no. Sometimes you have to concede when someone isn’t budging.

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Cater to their interests

This tends to be the most effective method to convincing someone that isn’t necessarily feeling the going out vibes that they do, in fact, want to party. If you’re doing the convincing and prefer Tumble Tuesday at Ale House but your friend is more into Dollar Beers at Trinity, you might have to settle for Dollar Beers. Recognize that any place can be a good time with the right energy and people. So, if your friend is willing to compromise, meet them halfway.

Give ‘em the good ol’ fashioned, ‘We’re only this young/life is short/only (blank) more semesters till we graduate’ Speech 

This tactic works exceptionally well on sentimental people, myself included. When you put life and your experiences into perspective, it’s easier to remember what’s truly important. Recount your favourite memories from going out. Point out that the time spent in university is uniquely exciting but unfortunately short. Remind your friends that they won’t remember that late night they spent at Stauffer. They will, however, remember the experiences they share with their friends on nights out. 

BargAin with them: If we go out tonight, you don’t have to go to…

If your friend is the type of person that typically enjoys staying in more than going out, this technique should work on them. Sometimes you have to count your wins, not your losses. Pick a night of going out that you value less and offer to give it up in exchange for the event you’re more invested in attending. 

Bribe them with drinks

This one requires little explanation. Who can say no to a free drink? Especially since funds for booze can be sparse for university students.

Help them finish up their work

Sometimes there are practical reasons your friends can’t go out. If you really want to spend the night out, you shouldn’t have a problem lending your friends/roomies an extra hand. If they need to finish a reading, offer to help them make notes. If they have to get some laundry done, offer to throw in their load for them. The offer of help itself always sweetens the deal in my experience.

I always remind my friends that the stakes for going out are usually low. The worst possible outcome of a night out is that you guys end up going home early. In which case, you still got to get ready and look cute with your friends! So next time you want your housemates to agree to a night out, try these tips to help sway them into saying yes!

Leyou Andualem

Queen's U '24

Leyou is a fourth-year Political Studies student at Queen's. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and dilly-dallying.