Finally admitting to yourself that you cannot listen to Back in Black by AC/DC and study at the same time? Need something to listen to that will enhance your studying, not distract you? Here’s a list of your favourite acoustic artists that will help you ace your final exams!

1. Jason Mraz

Haven’t heard him since "I’m Yours" came out in 2008? You’re in luck! Early this year he came out with a brand-new album that will be perfect in your studying playlist. Check out "Let’s See What the Night Can Do" on his newest album, Know.

2. Oliver Riot

Don’t get creeped out by his album covers; his song "Ivory Black" is exactly what you need to be listening to at Stauffer at 2 a.m. Another goodie to push you through a couple more hours of studying is "Alcatraz."

3. Atlas Genius

Wishing for something with a little more beat when you are just about to take a nap on one of Douglas’ finest desks? "Trojans" is a power move to help convince yourself to keep working.

4. Gregory Alan Isakov

This is for all the people who haven’t started studying but are fully up to date on all the newest releases on Netflix. Of course, if you’ve watched The Haunting of Hill House, Gregory Alan Isakov’s song "If I Go, I’m Goin" is featured in the show and is an absolutely beautiful piece. Hopefully this will encourage you to start studying – good luck.

5. Milky Chance

Another great artist to get you up in the morning, after staying up late. "Cocoon," like most of their songs, has an upbeat summer vacation vibe that can boost your motivation to get you to study until your Christmas vacay down south. If you aren’t headed somewhere warm this year, at least, "Blossom" has some amazing electric guitar riffs that will get you through those double exam days.

More great suggestions include Niall Horan, Amber Run, The Lumineers, Jesse McCartney, The Fray, Death Cab for Cutie, Passion Pit, The Paper Kites, John Mayer…The list goes on! Good luck on your exams and hopefully these hidden gems will help you ace them!