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This year, I’ve decided I’m gonna change the way I do things. From the way that I talk to people, to the way that I practice self-care. This year is going to be all about me! It’s time to stand my ground. And of course, in the end, change comes from within. So who knows if I even end up following these resolutions. But it’s worth a try to actually keep myself accountable this year! 

NOTE: these are in no particular order!

1. Put more effort into my appearance

During the pandemic, I began to lose my sense of fashion. For a solid two years, I dressed up in sweatpants and sweatshirts to the point where my closet is about 90% of those things now. I have no motivation to wear jeans or nice tops anymore, not just to go out, but to boost my confidence. This year, I really want to try and expand my wardrobe, and doing something as simple as incorporating more jeans and shirts can go a long way – especially with my confidence in my appearance!

2. Take on mannerisms so I get taken seriously

I think this resolution is one of the crucial ones I want to work on! Time and again, I’ve noticed how softly I speak, and how I tend to come off across as unsure when I’m talking about something. To the point where people don’t take my word for it, or my advice just doesn’t get taken seriously. This year, I’m going to try and include more direct language and really stand my ground. Phrases like “I think” and “I’m not sure though” are going to slowly leave my vocabulary for this reason (in the situations where they can be, of course!

3. Quit being harsh on myself!

This resolution is another tough pill to swallow, I think. I really want to work on being proud of what I’ve accomplished, instead of worrying about what I still need to accomplish or even what I could’ve done more of. Maybe it’s the Capricorn in me to strive for the utmost, but I’ll work on it.

4. Brush my hair more

I REALLY need to work on this one. Probably one of my toxic traits. I always forget to brush my hair, to the point where I end up with really bad knots. And I know that comes off as “lazy” to the average reader, but honestly, my hair is SO heavy. Even brushing half of my hair breaks me into a sweat. That’s how much hair there is. The point is though, I want to work on brushing my hair more so I don’t have raging headaches trying to brush out the terrible knots in my hair. My hair will thank me for that too I bet!

5. Get my driver’s license!

Another critical one on my list! I’ve been putting off getting my driver’s license since I was 16 years old. Now I’m 21, and I’m beginning to understand the value of driving. My goal is to try and get my license before the end of this year, also so I don’t have to keep relying on my parents and friends to drive me around everywhere!

All in all, whether or not you have any resolutions in mind this year, I thought I’d share mine to hold myself accountable while also giving others inspiration to do the same! Have a great 2022 everyone! Let’s make this year worth it!

Mehak Narula

Queen's U '22

Mehak Narula is a fourth-year student studying Linguistics and German Studies at Queen's University. In her free time, you can catch her watching anime, drawing, and buying (overpriced) coffee!
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