Small Changes, Positive Outcomes

Small changes can be made in each of our everyday lives to help boost our morale. We all aspire to “live our best lives,” but that's easier said than done. The first step that can be taken to positively change our lives is to make small adjustments to our daily routine. We understand the major changes we want to make and gradual, progressive steps will help ease us into achieving our goals. Here are ten small changes that can be made to attain these desired positive outcomes.


Establish a regulated sleeping schedule – train your body to get up and go to bed around the same time every day.


Watch one thing every day that makes you laugh.


Always start your day with breakfast! Oatmeal with fruit or even a smoothie will start your body off strong for the day!


Play music you love while you’re getting dressed; it’ll get you in a good mood before you even leave the house.


Once a week, wear an outfit that makes you feel great. From your coat all the way down to your underwear, wear your most fabulous clothes! If you want to challenge yourself, also do your hair in a style you love.


When you get the chance, send a text to someone close to you to remind them of how much they mean to you. In your mission to positively change your life, take a moment to positively influence your friends’ lives as well.


If you can’t find the motivation to hit the gym, set aside time to simply go for a walk. Changing your scenery and getting fresh air will help to clear your mind and reset your headspace.


Learn a new word every day to help improve your vocabulary. Remove filler words such as “things” from your speech and replace them with more accurate and specific words.


If you have a tendency to procrastinate, sort your tasks into two categories: unpleasant tasks and positive tasks. Once you identify the tasks you would rather put off, tackle them first and then reward yourself by completing a nicer task afterward.  


Before going to bed, reflect on your day and think of three things that went well. A positive aspect of your day could have been a nice lunch with friends or a baby smiling at you at the grocery store.

With just a few small changes, you’ll start to see the impact they can make on your life in no time.