Queen’s Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Photo taken from The Whig


Recognize this familiar image? Chances are, if you’re a Queen’s student, at one time or another you have found yourself wandering these very streets on St. Patrick’s Day. Aberdeen took a hard hit this year, with crowds flooding in since the early morning hours.  From a hot dog charity keggar to pumped-up partygoers, the popular gathering spot failed to disappoint the enthusiastic crowd – ready to show off their Irish gear.


What happens when you gather hundreds of ridiculously wild young adults in a two-block area? Something along the lines of this:



Photo taken from the “Overhead at Queen’s” Facebook page


Yes, it is exactly what you think is happening. I also do backflips off the roof of my house on Tuesday afternoons. Not only were the streets of the Kingston ghetto flooded with St Patrick’s Day spirit, but so were the school’s social media pages. Another post was found on “Overhead at Queen’s” moments later, showing a can of beer in a police cruiser. 



Joining in the festivities? Maybe not. The Kingston Police Department released a statement on their website in regards to the controversial photo. (https://www.kpf.ca/index.php?command=viewArticle&ID=725&currentFeed=1&t=...)


How did you spend St. Paddy’s Day?