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Call Her Daddy’s 87th episode, “PSA: He Doesn’t Like You” is a must listen for all young people—men and women alike. While many people view this podcast as controversial, the message relayed in the episode is incredibly important. 

In the episode, Alex Cooper, the voice of Call Her Daddy, talks about rejection. She says point blank, “Why would you want to be friends or in a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to be friends with you?”

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The truth is if someone wants to make an effort to be in your life, they will. You’ll know they care, because they’ll call, text, make plans, etc. No matter how busy someone is, if they care enough, they’ll make time for you. If someone you like is only putting in minimal effort, then you already have your answer: they don't care enough. So why would you want that person in your life anyway?

When it comes to relationships, we tend to excuse inconsistent behaviour. But sometimes inconsistent behaviour and minimal effort is exactly what it looks like: the person simply doesn't care enough. 

Cooper then says, and reiterates, “If the person you’re with isn't obsessed with you, then why are you giving them any more then exactly what they are giving you?” Simply put, why go above and beyond for someone who doesn't do the same?

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She then goes on to say, you should match the energy that the other person gives you. Some days yes, you pick up more slack and that is just how life works. But, if you're always the one giving more, you need to re-evaluate this friendship or relationship. 

Life is way too short to spend it chasing people. Rejection is actually a blessing in disguise. I saw this quote once that read, “It’s never rejection, simply redirection.” Think about that. Change your outlook on rejection. Instead of being discouraged, remind yourself that rejection is the universe's way of redirecting you to the right person. 

The best thing you can do to succeed in your future relationships is to stop chasing. Don’t be so quick to give your all; that needs to be earned.  

Alexandra is a fourth year student majoring in Sociology at Queen's University. She is also the president of a club on campus that she is passionate about; Girls Inc. at Queen's. She hopes her writing helps others as much as it helps her! 
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