Pose Like the Pros: Posing Tips for Beginners

SO, you want to be a model but you don’t know where to start? Or, maybe modelling isn’t your thing, but you just want some fire Instagram pics? Let us start where all good models started -- the basic posing techniques. I’m going to take you through the journey of taking good photos. Together we will learn about getting that angle, how to position your body, and what to do with those awkward hands. Be prepared for more articles to come about intermediate and advanced posing once you’ve mastered the basics! 

Let me preface this series with this: I am by no means a professional or even experienced model of any sort. I don’t have a flat stomach or perfectly toned legs, I’m only 5’5, and actually, I can be rather awkward in front of the camera. But, that’s the whole purpose of this series! I want to show you that you can be a regular, clumsy, average person and still take great pictures and look like you know what you’re doing. I’m going to be taught by some more experienced models and HOPEFULLY, eventually, go from inexperienced to advanced in my posing to show you all that you can do it too!!

  1. 1. Angling your face

    I have some pesky extra skin/ unnecessary body fat underneath my chin. This results in having a WACK side profile. To counteract this, I like to keep my tongue closer to my teeth (rather than closer to my throat), jut your chin out a tiny bit, and tilt your head down. By doing these three things, it’s sure to keep that double chin at bay and get *clap* those *clap* angles *clap* gurrrrrl. 

    Modelling photos detailing beginner posing tips
  2. 2. Find simple ways to keep your hands busy

    My favourite ways of keeping my hands busy but not looking awkward include touching or playing with my hair, grabbing parts of my clothing -- like a collar or a cuff --  or gently touching your face. If you opt for the latter option, make sure that your fingers are just lightly touching your face and not at all pushing or squishing your lil cheeks. 

    Modelling posing tips for beginners.
  3. 3. That being said, keep neutral (but braced) body positions

    As you will find, a common thread for beginner posing is simplicity. Don’t try to bend your body in ways that feel unnatural or uncomfortable to you. When you are uncomfortable, your body language reads that in photos. Learning the most flattering angles for your body will come with time, and they’re different for every body type. The most basic and important way to flatter your body in photos is to brace your core, keep your posture straight and bring your chest forward the tiniest bit.

    Modelling posing tips for beginners
  4. 4. Use the set and props around you

    Going along with the whole “when you look uncomfortable in pictures, you can tell” thing, using the set around you can really help you appear more natural and relaxed. If you have a staircase or a wall, sitting/ leaning against it is a good way to keep your body occupied and more blended in with the area around you, rather than awkward and erect. Also, if you have access to props, like a flower or a coffee mug, it can also keep your hands busy. 

    Modelling posing tips for beginners
  5. 5. Don't be afraid to have fun and smile!

    I think a common trope in the world of modelling is to have that perfectly chiseled jawline and a perfectly straight face like Bella Hadid. However, the definition of modelling isn’t a one-size-fits-all description. Modelling should be fun! I find that the best pictures of me are when I’m smiling and having fun. It might just be the structure of my face/jawline but I’m almost incapable of having that perfectly straight face in photos like Kendall Jenner -- and if this applies to you also, that’s okay! Don’t be afraid to let your beautiful awkwardness shine through as a laugh after telling your photographer for the 56th time that you don’t know what to do with your face (sorry Roscoe). 

    Modelling posing tips for beginners

I hope these tips will serve as a starting point for all my people out there who want to get into the world of modelling or just know how to look better in their instagram pictures. Remember, posing should be kept simple and fun! Stay tuned for our future article about posing at an intermediate level. Big thanks to my photographer Roscoe for dealing with my awkward self yet again and still making me look as cool as ever! Check him out on instagram: @peregrine_productions