A Political Rant

When I was younger, and I am ashamed to admit, until recently-- not only did I not understand politics but I claimed I didn’t care. I protested that gauging my eyes out would be far less painful than watching a news channel or reading an article on current events. However, recently I have come to pay closer attention to media-- pausing my scroll on facebook to catch up on the latest snippets of the terrible things that have been,  and are currently, happening around the world. Which brought me to this overwhelming sense of enlightenment-- politics is direly important. It’s what shapes societies, creates communities and alters lifestyles on a daily basis. The government controls our ability to practice free will, paving us slaves to this earthly world; by determining when we go to school, and work, what we eat and quite frankly how we live. However in all honesty, I rue the day newsletters began to pose appeal- for everything I have seen or read has driven me to question not only the sanity of our nation but its core values and humanity. To begin let’s discuss the hottest topic of recent days- Global Warming. There has been placed a ticking time bomb marking the end of humanity- water levels are rising subsequent to melting icebergs, temperature degrees have been abnormal and countless species have been marked for extinction. The Amazon forests had been burning for weeks on end with literally no media coverage. Muslims in China are being herded into concentration camps in reminisce of WW2. Doug Ford has rearranged every aspect of OSAP, OHIP, and high school funding. Students are crumbling under the hefty weight of debt and stress. What a time to be alive right? And what are governments, people in power and quite frankly, celebrities, doing? They are looking at us, telling the working class, students and children of tomorrow to do something- when we could barely afford to be heard. No one is doing anything to help, they are solely relying on the VSCO girl generations to #SAVETHETURTLES, and somehow manage to reverse the damage of climate change. My blood is boiling- just like the temperature rises causing storms, tsunamis and ultimately extinction. People and animals are dying- our world is dying; which has truly lead me to question earning a degree- for what difference will it make in 15 years when humanity as we know it ceases to exist. Why even try fighting when the heads of power- the ones we helplessly and hopefully look to laugh in our faces and proceed to spend billions of unnecessary dollars restoring a building with historical value- as opposed to saving the Amazon forest, which is our biggest source of oxygen. I mean when the heck did a pile of rubble comprised of stone and glass become more worthy than having clean air to breathe? When did the effects of JUUL matter more than millions of muslims that have been forcefully placed in CONCENTRATION CAMPS? Why is it that Area 51 receives more attention than literally the end of our entire existence? I am ashamed and appalled at the world we live in and cannot stand by quite whilst destruction of folly ensues. It is about time we riot, we stand tall and proud in the face of power and demand immediate and severe action. If Doug Ford wants to cut our OSAP funding, he may as well use that money for the betterment of our environment. It is time for governments all around the world to stop fighting trivial battles and join forces to combat the highest level of threat we have ever received. Afterall we all bleed the same, and regardless of belief, religion or the triviality of colour of skin we must come together as one and silence the cries of Global Warming, and put an end to war against humanity once and for all. I am fuming and have had enough, and you should too.