The November 1st Paradigm

You’ve either just finished your midterms or are about to, you think you’ve failed two of them, but it turns out it was three. You’ve just started working on all those cumulative assignments and papers - the ones you weren’t thinking about a week ago because you had more important things to do, the ones that are now due tomorrow. You think back to frosh week and wish you were still naïve enough to believe that you were going to boost your GPA this semester…You have now completely moved in to Stauff.

Naturally as November 1st hits, the only thing you have left pulling yourself through this semester is the sheer fact that Christmas and the holidays are only two months away. So, every student finally convinces themselves that it is socially acceptable to start listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, and practically embodying the spirit of Buddy the Elf (I mean midterms can kind of make you go nuts. They are definitely not something you just “walk away” from).

So, here’s a list of Buddy the Elf approved holiday activities to keep you going until the end of your finals:

1. Hop across Uni Ave

Just got back those midterm marks? Put a hop in your step.

2. Decorate your Room

Slowly decorate your room so you aren’t sick and tired of your Christmas decorations before December 1st hits.

3. Get the gang on the Christmas bandwagon

Spread your Christmas cheer - don’t let any grumps bust your mood.

4. Make your favourite Christmas snacks!

I mean I don’t think it’s necessary to put maple syrup and your favourite candies on spaghetti but whatever works!

5. Reconnect with your family

Make sure you call your family - may as well get started on your holiday plans!

6. Have a snowball fight

Think back to elementary recess and every person for them self!

7. Go Skating

Make sure to check out City Hall for the beautiful outdoor rink and Christmas tree!

8. Sing Carols!

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear."

Merry November! Hope your holiday season lasts the whole two months and gets you through those finals. Mr.Narwhal will be wishing you luck!