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Tiger King, banana bread, and family Zoom calls, Oh My! 

We’re obviously all excited for life to return to normal and get out of our houses for good, but do you ever yearn for the beginning days of the COVID-19 lockdown? When everything was uncertain and nobody knew what was going on in the world, when we thought we’d be home for two weeks and life was on pause for a “short” period of time. At the time all we wanted was to get out of quarantine, but as time progressed and lockdown got longer, those beginning days started to seem like a rose coloured dream. 

I never thought I’d say this, but when life went on hold and we all got to take a collective deep breath it may have been a blessing in disguise. Granted, we were all living through insane uncertainty, but those days filled with baking and Netflix watching may have been a gift. The entire world was simultaneously going through the same experiences, picking up new hobbies and finding ways to fill our days. That’s some type of magic we may never experience again. And you may have never thought you’d ever wish for those early days to come back, but little did you know…

Now that we have even more uncertainty and this pandemic has been going on for over a year and a half, do you miss those beginning days? If you really think about it, many of us were ignorant to think that we’d only be stuck quarantining for a couple of weeks. Do you miss having time to do all the things you never thought you’d have time to do? It felt like a curse at the time but in reality, it was probably a blessing. Life on pause was something we all needed that may have  done wonders for our mental health. That’s not to take away from the immense stress that being in a global pandemic can cause, but we all took time to stop and smell the roses (figuratively of course, we were not going outside for that). We may never experience a time in our lives again where we are forced to hit the pause button and relax a bit. So now that our lives are slowly beginning to return back to “normal” let’s not forget about how much we relished in online school, Tik Tok, making sourdough bread, toilet paper hoarding, trying whipped iced coffee, and buying your first mask. After all, we may never have time to do those things again (I mean for real, sourdough takes three days to make!).

Alex Ugolini

Queen's U '24

Psychology major, actress, lover of the earth. Find me on Instagram @alexugolinii
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