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My Summer, Part II

Picture this: the sun is setting over the warm blue of the ocean water, the crash of the waves meeting the shore is drowned by the sound of a summer playlist playing on a loop; whilst laying on a blanket soaking up the last kiss of sun simultaneously discussing TikTok dances and choreography with the girls. That’s how my summer… didn’t go, but, that was the dream. As you’re all aware there was- wait no- there is, a pandemic circulating around the world, discriminating against no race, age, or group- it’s woke like that. And in turn, all summer plans were canceled- leaving behind a vast abyss of broken summer dreams and haunted minds of what was, could be, and what will be. Moreover,  we were left to ponder the reality of the new world order: masks, lost jobs, virtual EVERYTHING, corrupt government, protests, TikTok trends...etc. It’s as though we have entered an alternate universe that was built on catastrophe.

[bf_image id="s5n5cxvk2znc9c64t45b335"] As such this summer definitely felt off-balanced, with headaches ringing boredom, and body aching for adventure. In short, my summer consisted of mundane trips to Walmart and the mall hiding behind my mask so as to avoid being recognized by the same staff; walks in the park with my cat, and the occasional hangout with friends. Thenceforth I was left with my thoughts- which whispered madness probing me to contemplate why turtles have shells and why we humans don’t.

[bf_image id="qdfeg5-3mzrqw-152bup"] Now, although this summer was a complete and utter disappointment in the books of summers, and may- nay, shall, go down in history as one of the worst, I can wholeheartedly say I am not ready for this school year. I had been stunted both mentally and emotionally in March; left there reliving the discovery of Dalgona coffee and watching “straight” TikTok. I haven’t moved past that stage and my procrastination has advanced to levels never deemed possible. But regardless, I am glad to be back in Kingston and look forward to my final year here at Queens. I hope everyone had a decent summer and I think everyone will join me in hoping for a better coming year. 

Susan Mokh

Queen's U '21

Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.
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