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My Favourite Rom-Com Couples

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Quick warning! Minor rom-com spoilers ahead! 

During this season of love and romance, it can be such a burden on those of us tackling the holiday single… again. But if there’s one thing Valentine’s Day is able to give us, it’s the excuse to watch silly rom-coms on repeat! 

As a lover of rom-coms myself, I’ve curated a list of my absolute favourite rom-com couples. I don’t know about you, but I feel like there are SO MANY strange movie couples, especially in romantic comedies. While Clueless is one of my favourite movies ever and Paul Rudd is incredibly hot, I just cannot get behind them being ex-step siblings???? They have their cute moments but all I can think about is the fact that they’re basically Derek and Casey from Life with Derek and if you’re Canadian, you know how creepy that was. 

So without further rambling, here are my favourite rom-com couples for your enjoyment! 

1. Meg and Riley From Monte Carlo

Am I biased? Yes, 100% Monte Carlo is one of my favourite movies of all time and this list would’ve never been complete if I didn’t talk about Meg and Riley. Meg begins the movie as a high-strung college student who is forced into a vacation with her new step-sister and best friend—who Meg doesn’t like very much. It’s on this vacation that she meets Riley, a boy who just wants to see and experience everything the world has to offer. Without spoiling too much, Riley shows Meg that it’s okay to be spontaneous, giving her the most perfect and insane vacation a girl could ask for. 

It’s worth noting that these two aren’t even the main couple of the movie, but Meg and Riley are so perfect for each other, you spend the film wanting to see much more of them.

2. Kat and Patrick from 10 things I hate about you

Would this list even be complete without 10 Things I Hate About You? No, of course not. Sure, this relationship didn’t start off in the most ideal way, with Patrick being paid to go out with Kat Stratford so the creepy guy (I genuinely don’t remember his name and I don’t care to) can date her younger sister Bianca. After the Frank Sinatra serenade and the paintball scene, it’s impossible not to root for Kat and Patrick.

The main similarity between these first two films is the way that you watch these closed-off women grow to accept all the crazy things life can throw at you, and I honestly think that’s one of the best parts about rom-coms—just accepting the spontaneity in life. 

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3. Rosie and Alex from Love, Rosie

THIS IS THE BLUEPRINT FOR FRIENDS TO LOVERS SLOWBURN! Rosie and Alex have been friends for their entire life, both with big plans and goals for the future. But, Rosie becomes pregnant which causes her to be stuck in her little English town while she watches Alex fulfill his dreams and fall in love with someone who isn’t her. 

While this movie makes me cry a little bit more than it makes me laugh, Rosie and Alex’s relationship is genuinely so incredible. It’s about two hours of the “Will they? Won’t they?” trope in the most annoyingly perfect way. Both characters go through life on their own but continuously cross paths, making you think “finally they will get together” and of course, something goes wrong. If you are looking for something a little sadder, Love, Rosie is honestly one of my favourite films.

4. Anna and William from Notting Hill

Another will-they-won’t-they moment, but this time a little less sad. William works as a travel bookstore owner (how this place stays in business is beyond me but unimportant), and Anna Scott is a famous movie star who purchases a book from the shop. The two go on a few dates and click instantly until Anna’s movie star lifestyle begins to interrupt her private relationship. 

Genuinely, I want to be William. He owns his silly little bookstore and has his mundane little life that gets interrupted by a whole wattpad-esque story in the best way. I cannot recommend this movie enough, it’s just such a lovely yet simple story. 

So, I wish you all a fantastic binge-watch with the girlies and, hopefully, you’ll love these films as much as I do!

Victoria is a third-year Bachelor of Arts student at Queen's University studying English. She is also a lover of music, romcoms, Formula 1, and is always open to book recs!