My Dream Destinations


While I have been to the US on multiple occasions, there are certain places on my list that I haven’t had the chance to see. One place that has always been my goal to visit in the US was Arizona since it was where I was born but left just after I was born and never got to have any memories there. I would love to be able to explore the deserts, see the Grand Canyon and see all different types of cacti. Another place I would love to visit in the US is Orlando, Florida as it is not only a beautiful place to see but also getting the chance to visit Harry Potter World would definitely be a dream come true. While there are many other great places to see in the US, the final place that’s on my list is definitely New York City. While I’m not the biggest city girl, just being able to spend some time in New York and experience what it has to offer whether it’s the shows, sites or the food, I would say it’s definitely worth having on my list.


England is a popular place to visit due to its many sites to visit, historical architecture and streets, and much more. The simple beauty and rustic look of England are what appeals to me with many activities and things to do or visit that will never leave me bored, plus getting to try the food at any new place is always something to look forward to.

New Zealand

New Zealand has such gorgeous landscapes, just looking at photos gets me super excited thinking about what amazing adventures and opportunities are there. New Zealand is very much the adventurous place where I would get to live out all my wildest dreams of getting to hike, swim and just explore new crazy interesting places and maybe get a few amazing pictures on the way.


 Rome, Italy is another place on my list for the wonderful architecture and history showcased by the many sites that can be seen in Rome never leaving you with nothing to do. Being able to enrich myself with the amazing culture would be incredible while seeing all the sites it has to offer and being able to taste delicious new foods. 


After taking an archaeology class, Egypt has become one of my top picks for places I would like to visit at some point in my life. After learning and researching about different significant sites and artifacts, having the chance to see some of these in person and visit the amazing work of the pyramids is definitely a travelling goal of mine.


Getting to see different landscapes is always such an amazing experience to have or discovering new wildlife that is foreign to myself is something that is always what I find the most exciting about travelling to a new place. With Africa’s amazing culture and vibrant nature, it's quite the sight to see and another interesting pick for my top destinations.


 Another place that has many opportunities for an amazing adventure and a new beautiful landscape along with its amazing wildlife makes Australia a fun chance to visit. Not only is Australia’s land amazing to explore but with the Great Barrier Reef, its water life is not something to forget about or skip out on either.


Similar to many of the places on this list, Greece is another one that is known for its beautiful architecture and amazing history. Along with the amazing buildings, there are other arts to explore such as music, theatre, etc. that will keep you entertained during your trip when you aren’t taking in the beauty of the country.


Being it is often called the world’s best island; Maui is definitely a destination worth dreaming of. With the amazing beaches to enjoy, water activities to stay active or the amazing foods to taste, there is no shortage of new opportunities to experience on this island. Their interesting and rich culture will keep you learning more as you explore the lands of Maui.


 Finally, the last destination on my list (so far) has got to be Japan. Along with the other countries, Japan has lots of beautiful architecture and landscapes to explore. Something that definitely interests me the most is the eccentric culture and shopping along with the delicious foods they have to offer. Also, being someone who enjoys Anime is another plus for visiting Japan.