My 30 Before 30

I’ve been seeing a trend on Youtube lately of people making a “30 Things To Do Before You Turn 30” list. These videos outline their personal '30 before 30' bucket list, with updates posted throughout the months/ years to keep themselves accountable for their goals. With the arrival of the new decade, and the fact that I turned 20 less than a month ago, I was inspired to make my own 30 before 30 list. I wanted to sit down with myself and think about the things I actually want to accomplish in the next 10 years -- establish some goals and a rough timeline of what I think is realistic. But, I do have 10 whole years so hopefully by giving myself this much time I really can accomplish this! Also, I figured it would be nice to keep this original list in one place, rather than notes on my phone or laptop, since those can get lost or deleted pretty easily. Before getting into it, I just want to preface this with: these are the goals I find realistic for my lifestyle. I know I’m going to have a lot on my plate in the next 10 years such as finishing my degree, starting/finishing my second degree, finding a job, while also dealing with all the things life throws at me. Perhaps your goals are different than mine, or you have a higher/lower realistic expectations than I do for some things, that is okay! Everyone learns and grows at their own pace and it’s important to remember to not compare your progress to that of anyone else.  Alas, here is my 30 before 30 bucket list!


1. Read 200 books

2. Save $40,000

3. Start a small business that promotes sustainability in some way

4. Donate $1,500 to charities

5. Surround myself ONLY with people who make me a better person

6. Find the love of my life

7. Become more heavily involved with the practice of yoga

8. Cut out meat and/or dairy at some point

9. Travel to 5 European countries

10. Travel to Australia

11. Live abroad somewhere for an extended period of time

12. Compete in a bikini show

13. Learn how to accept and appreciate confrontation

14. Learn to stick up for myself, gain a backbone; realize that I can still be a kind and respectable person at the same time

15. Have a section of my wardrobe of clothes that are solely made/sewn by me

16. Become a teacher of some sort (whether I have the official title or am just a mentor for others in some way)

17. Find a job that I love going to

18. Act in a show

19. Become a certified personal trainer

20. Pay more attention to the people I love and surround myself with

21. Write a book or play

22. Visit LA, Scottsdale, NYC, Yosemite, Maui

23. Learn how to cook and how to love cooking

24. Learn how to deal with my sadness in a healthy way, consistently

25. Experiment with dying my hair

26. Learn how to fold laundry as good as my mom


I’ve currently only compiled a list of 26 things because I want to allow myself the leeway of adding some extra goals onto my list as the years go by. However, I stand by all the others and I am excited to complete all of them! If you don’t currently have a bucket list, I would recommend just starting one! It’s always nice to have an honest chat with yourself about your realistic expectations for yourself to accomplish so that you don’t leave your life with any regrets.