Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton: Friends or Foes?

Ever since Meghan and Harry’s lovely May wedding, the tabloids have been covered with Kate and Meghan by comparing their looks: who wore the better dress to the event? In addition, by comparing their marriages: are they keeping with the traditions of Prince Charles and Diana? And more recently, their friendship. Many rumours have sparked that the two of them do not particularly get along. Although these rumours could be completely false, it’s exciting to potentially be getting the insider’s look at life in the Kensington Palace.

Photo courtesy of Clive Mason/Getty Images

To start it all off, it is important to know the severity of the situation. It has got to the point that the Queen has to sit the two duchesses down to discuss their drama. In the end, the Queen has forced Kate and Meghan to get along in front of the publicity on Christmas Day. This Drama has been slowly building since May, however, the month of November is when the tabloids started appearing mentioning the two duchesses as foes. In many pictures from the Royal Christmas Day activities, Kate and Meghan are seen to be very nice to one another, helping each other through crowds while Prince Harry and Prince William seem extremely awkward.

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Along with the many speculations of the two duchesses’ quarrel, comes many fan theories of why the two duchesses are not too fond of each other. The most popular is that Kate feels that she was used by Meghan to climb the royal ladder. This has sparked much tension within the royal family on top of other very interesting arguments. It has been said that Prince Harry feels that Prince William and Prince Charles did not welcome Meghan with open arms and Prince William is upset that Prince Harry and Meghan moved to Windsor. Ultimately, there’s been a wedge put in between Prince William and Prince Harry because their wives have nothing in common and the feuding does not help the situation. This has been extremely tough on the Queen and both Prince Charles and herself have had to step in.

Therefore, the Queen’s solution was to spend all Christmas together at the Kensington Palace together for conflict resolution. The Queen also supposedly forced the two to make up… But if that truly happened, is yet to be revealed.

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