Martha and Logan standing back to back at their pop-up in Kingston

La Vie en Rose: My Journey with the Colour Pink

I grew up as a twin. To make things easier, lots of parents “colour code” their kids to be able to differentiate between them. My sister was always dressed in blues and purples, while I got all of the pink and red clothes. In every single picture I have of me as a kid, I’m dressed in different shades of pink. I was always resentful that I had to wear girly colours, and felt like I was trapped in a more girlish persona that I had to maintain as a result: be polite at the dinner table, wear dresses, have long hair, don’t swear. This is something that I’ve kept in mind for virtually my whole life. 

Instagram / @gulyarrab  Pink is very feminine, and I hated that as a kid, constantly trying to prove I wasn’t “girly.” I did martial arts for over a decade, played rugby in middle and high school, and tried to separate myself from the “other” girls. I didn’t want to be seen as weak, or obsessed with my looks, which I saw as undesirable traits, traits that were only associated with girls. All these beliefs accumulated into a single colour. A lot of guys I knew growing up were scared of wearing pink, and girls were teased for it.

 The thing about pink? I’ve learned that I actually love the colour. It’s probably the colour I wear the most right now (other than black, because it’s so flattering). I’ve even dyed my hair pink a couple of times! I think it’s a super fun and surprisingly versatile colour. Pink can be sweet, alternative, or edgy. It can go with a large variety of pieces, and comes in so many different hues that there’s a shade of pink for everyone. I just hated the fact that pink was associated with femininity, and didn’t allow myself to see it for what it is: a really gorgeous colour that’s super flattering on everyone and shouldn’t be gendered. 

Spring Flowers Pink Summer Warm Weather Season Color Bloom Beautiful Trees Flowers Life Happy Bright Fun Outside Outdoors Calm Jackie Ryan / Her Campus I’m owning up to wearing the colour without guilt and now have confidence in pink. Not because I’m feminine. Not because I want to be different. Not because I want to make a statement. I’m just doing for me. Because why else should you choose what to wear?