I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Are you ever in Toronto and unsure where to eat dessert?  Well if you have a sweet tooth, and love dessert, then you should definitely try the following places: 

  1. Cacao 70 - located at 485 Queen Street West

  2. Cafe Demetre - located at 400 Danforth Ave

  3. Peace Treats - located at 131 Ossington Ave

  4. Sweet Jesus - located in the Toronto Eaton Center, 106 John Street, and 780 Queen St. East

  5. Eva’s Chimney - located at 454 Bloor St. West

  6. Cool N2 - located at 412 Queen St. W

1. Cacao 70

People kept posting photos on social media of dessert from Cacao 70, so I really wanted to try this place. My friends and I recently stopped by, and we fell in love with it. One of my friends ordered a nutella and fruit crepe. She was able to choose between fruits, so she chose a strawberry crepe. The crepe was drizzled in chocolate sauce and had icing sugar sprinkled on top. My other friend had a banana split which had wafers, banana, and whipped cream with drizzles of cherry and chocolate sauce on top. I ordered the single classic chocolate fondue which came with pieces of brownies, waffle, and fruit (bananas, strawberries, and pineapples). All of us were constantly talking about how savoury and tasty the dessert was. If you had to try any of these places that I am writing about, then you should definitely try Cacao 70. 

2. Cafe Demetre

Cafe Demetre offers a variety of milkshakes, waffles, crepes, and cake. What you see below is called ”Brownie Points,” which is a caramel fudge brownie cheesecake with Cocoa Chanel Ice cream. Although it was delicious, the cheesecake was dense and there was an overload of chocolate. If I were to have this again, I would definitely order another flavour of ice cream, so there wouldn’t be so much chocolate. 

3. Peace Treats

Below is a vanilla milkshake called “D.R.E.A.M.” which is an abbreviation for Donuts Rule Everything Around Me. As you can see in the photo below, the dessert includes a donut, whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate ice cream with syrup inside.  When I went to Peace Treats, I wanted to split this with my friend, but unfortunately she was lactose intolerant so I tried my best to finish it all on my own.

4. Eva’s Chimney

I tried the “Dream Cone” which has vanilla soft serve ice cream, nutella, skor bits, caramel sauce and a brownie. My friend had the “O.G.” which is a cinnamon sugar cone with vanilla soft serve ice cream, a strawberry on top, and chocolate at the bottom of the cone. We thought it was tasty, until we realized how filling they really were as we were struggling to finish them. Eva’s Chimney is a pretty simple dessert place where people go mainly just to try the cinnamon sugar cones. 

5. Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus is a cool invention where you can add cereal and other toppings onto your ice cream. That being said, my friend thinks that she can easily do this herself for a much cheaper price. I ordered the “Hella Hazelnut” which is a combination of chocolate and vanilla soft serve ice cream with hazelnut chocolate sauce, cookie crumbs, corn flakes, and pistachios. My friend ordered what I believe to be the “Red Rupture” which consists of vanilla soft serve ice cream with red velvet components such as red velvet cake and cream cheese as well as raspberry sauce. We tried some of each other’s ice cream mixtures and we came to the conclusion that we each liked our own better than the other person’s, so it is really all about personal opinion. 

6. Cool N2

For anyone who has taken science, N2 symbolizes nitrogen. So Cool N2 is a dessert place that serves liquid nitrogen ice cream. The photo below includes chocolate brownie ice cream with a plastic syringe filled with chocolate syrup and whipped cream (as you can probably tell, I enjoy both chocolate and brownies). Most people who go to Cool N2 like to try the nitrogen Cheetos because you can exhale nitrogen once you bite into them. Cool N2 is a place that you should try for the experience, but after trying it once you may soon lose interest. 


The dessert places listed above can be quite expensive. You should definitely share if you go with someone else or order a small size because they are all very filling. In addition, they are probably very high in sugar so beware of consuming too much too soon!