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Applying for jobs is stressful enough, and the added pressure of writing a perfect cover letter only amplifies that stress. While I still have no idea what the difference between a cover letter and a resume is, I found myself confused about how to write one up until very recently. If you also find yourself confused about how to write your own cover letter, here’s a template I have curated and used whenever needed. This cover letter is super easy to personalize and has helped me not only confidently apply for positions, but also land quite a number as well.



City, ON 1X1 X1X | 555-555-5555 | example@example.com

5th March 2023

Name of Hiring Manager

Company/Organization Name

Company/Organization Address

City, ON 2A2 A2A

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

Please accept this letter expressing my interest in the [POSITION YOU’RE APPLYING FOR] position. I am a highly motivated [YOUR DEGREE] student with years of experience in my studies, which has greatly helped me strengthen my [SKILL FROM YOUR RESUME] and [SKILL FROM YOUR RESUME] skills. Since my first position as a [EXPERIENCE FROM YOUR RESUME THAT APPLIES HERE], I have been expanding my [SKILLS GAINED FROM THIS JOB] by [BRIEFLY EXPLAIN HOW YOU GAINED THESE SKILLS IN THE POSITION]. This position has taught me a lot about [SKILL YOU GAINED THAT DIRECTLY APPLIES TO THE POSITION], which I believe would greatly benefit me in achieving success in this position.

As a [TITLE YOU CURRENTLY HOLD. i.e. student, writer, etc] I have become proficient at [ANOTHER SKILL YOU’VE GAINED THAT’S OUTLINED IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION]. I am a capable and efficient worker who has prioritized [DUTY/DUTIES FROM THE JOB DESCRIPTION. EX. TEAM BUILDING, INITIATIVE, PROBLEM-SOLVING]. Spend the next few sentences expanding on how you prioritize these duties. i.e., if you said you value team building, talk about how you have been a team player in group projects in school…ways you made sure communication between the members flowed… how you did your part to work together well, etc. [THIS ENTIRE SECTION CAN BE PERSONALIZED TO FIT YOUR DEGREE OR EXPERIENCES]

Throughout my studies, I have done my best to acquire experience and build skills outside of just my classes. These roles have equipped me with [SKILLS YOU’VE LEARNED THAT CAN APPLY IN THE REAL WORLD. FOR EXAMPLE, LEARNING HOW TO USE APPS LIKE MICROSOFT OR PHOTOSHOP. EXPAND HOW YOU GAINED THESE SKILLS AND HOW THEY WILL BENEFIT YOU IN THE POSITION.] Beyond this, they have also provided me with the awareness and expertise when it comes to applying what I have learned as a student to the real world. 

Please take a moment to review my attached resume. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you regarding my candidacy. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. 



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20th Century Fox

Please note that while this is a super general template, it can be completely personalized to fit your degree, interests, and personality. This is just the first step that could help provide some guidance in the process of writing your own stellar cover letter. Whether you copy this verbatim, add your own flair, or completely change the whole thing, I hope this has helped you in any way possible. Remember to be confident and believe in yourself. Good luck job hunting!

Vanessa Ellia

Queen's U '23

Fourth Year Political Science Major, History Minor. Writer. Pisces.