How to Make Your Weekends More Productive

1. Plan it out

Remind yourself that within the 60 hours that make up the weekend, you need an ample amount of time to sleep and to relax. While it’s easier said than done – considering we’re in the midst of exam season – devoting every minute of your weekend to work can get super frustrating super fast.

During the exam period, my favourite work habit consists of dividing each day into 3 blocks of 3 hours. The first block is 9am-12pm; ideally, try to get as much work done within this time as possible. Then take a 2-hour break. Eat, watch Netflix, bum around, read, have some sexy time with bae - do whatever your heart desires in that span of time, without worrying. After all, you’ll have another 3-hour block to do work, followed by another 2 hours for break, etc.

You can play around with this method, and if you have any questions you can contact Queen’s Academic Success Services; they’ll be happy to help you customize your weekend schedule to make your time both more productive and more relaxing.

2. De-clutter your space

Cleaning up your room/study space will give you a breather and will allow you to think more clearly about the work you want to complete. I find that it’s always best to do a quick clean-up at night before bed, even if you’ve had a long day. That way, you’ll wake up to a super clean room the next morning. Box away all the little things that are cluttering your study space and aim to have as little on your desk as possible.

3. Don’t skip breakfast

Making sure to eat a big breakfast is so important for your energy and productivity. Not only will your metabolism thank you in the long-run, but starting your morning with a nutritious meal can even help to improve your concentration!

4. Don’t fret over slip-ups

If you don’t get to all of your to-do tasks for the weekend, try not to get too hung up on what you didn’t do. Instead, remind yourself that you’re only human and that you, fortunately, get a chance to give it another go the next time around.