How to Live Your Best Life

We all want to live our best lives. While this is something fun and pithy to say to our friends or in a cute Instagram caption, there are some very real, tangible ways we can make this happen.

1. Document Your Journey

Even though yesterday may feel incredibly fresh in your mind now, in five years those memories may become so faded that you can barely place your finger on them. Whether your preference is journaling, scrapbooking, or taking photos, choose a medium to preserve all the joys, sorrows, and revelations that you continue to add to your repertoire of experiences. One of my favourite hobbies is looking through my mother’s old polaroids from when she was a university student, because they provide a glimpse into another time. Maybe one day your children will be lucky enough to do the same.

2. Organization is Key

Staying organized is the one thing that absolutely everybody can make an effort toward and will almost always improve your life with no consequences. The only reason why we lose sight of this important habit is laziness or carelessness, and those should not be the qualities which drive our lives. Here are some methods by which you can accomplish a more organized lifestyle: annotate your calendar; keep up with a planner; create weekly To-Do lists; outline all your deadlines for each course at the beginning of the semester; clean your workspace as frequently as possible; designate tasks for free blocks of time in your day.

3. Balance in Everything

Say “yes” more to adventures, going outside your comfort zone, and opening more windows of opportunity. Say “no” to going against your fundamental virtues and beliefs, toxic people, and that which does not add to your quality of life. Don’t neglect the responsibilities that you feel you must do, but also don’t give up time for the things you actually enjoy doing. Eat those fruits and vegetables you may have been avoiding, but recognize the important of treating yourself (because for real, you deserve it). Everything is a balance of give and take, yin and yang. The secret to maximizing success is: not too much or too little.

4. Passions are an Investment

A simple but powerful exercise that you can do is to open up a word document or a blank sheet of paper and write down all the things that bring you the greatest sense of happiness, fulfillment, or motivation. Try to keep that list trim so that it includes only your top 5-10 items. Maybe you already know what those things are, but having them written down right before your eyes can be a great way to visualize what your main priorities are for both your everyday life and your future. Whether it be your long-term career goals or what you should be doing in your spare time, fill up your mental real estate with the activities that you are truly passionate about, because these are what will bring you the most lasting satisfaction.