At-Home Quarantine Activities to do with your Family or Housemates

  1. 1. Niche presentations

    This a funny and creative way to spend a night at home. Get everyone in your group to prepare a short power-point presentation on any niche topic of their choosing. Some presentations I have seen are “The Best and Worst Dog Breeds,” “The American Girl Dolls I Would Like to be Friends With,” and “Why Joe Exotic Should be President” (if you haven’t seen Tiger King, you need to watch it ASAP).

  2. 2. Kahoot trivia

    Get everyone in your group to prepare a Kahoot game with trivia questions about themselves. See how well you really know your friends or housemates. Game on. 

  3. 3. Camp night

    Anna Schultz-Friends Laughing In Holiday Pajamas

    Grab some smores ingredients from your local store and make some smores at home. You can ‘roast’ your marshmallows in your fireplace, over a burner, or melt them in your microwave. You can also set up a ‘campsite’ with sleeping bags in your living room if you’re willing to sacrifice a comfy bed for the night. Real-life scary stories (like when you couldn’t stop running into Stages Guy at the library) are not required, but encouraged.

  4. 4. Themed dinners

    If you’re going to be eating at home for the next few months, you may as well make it fun. Choose a theme for your dinner and get your family or housemates to dress up and behave accordingly. A little escapism never hurt anybody. 

  5. 5. Play a card game

    Yes, this seems obvious, but can you remember the last time you actually sat down and played a card game (that didn’t involve drinking)? It’s a great way to exercise your brain and disconnect from technology and social media.

  6. 6. Make Tik Toks

    TikTok Body Image

    “Isn’t Tik Tok for kids?” Well, kinda, but also, no! Making Tik Toks with your friends or family is a great way to kill time. You can post them as “private” so nobody will ever have to see your awkward dancing or failed pranks. 

  7. 7. Play Jeopardy

    Test your random knowledge skills with a good old-fashioned game of Jeopardy. You can either make your own game from scratch, or follow along with the many episodes available on Netflix. 

  8. 8. Have a paint night

    Brush Painting Color Paint

    Grab some bottles of wine, a painting set from Amazon, and channel your inner Picasso. Try painting portraits of each other, or give a go at painting your spirit animals.