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Hidden On-Campus Resources: The Peer Support Centre

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.

University can be a highly stressful environment. Between academics, personal problems, financial issues, and different pressures, students can become easily overwhelmed. Queen’s students may look for a place where they can get help working through their problems, but with such a high demand for counselors the student wellness services can be difficult to use. However, the Peer Support Centre offers a great alternative for students who are looking for some support on campus.


What is it?

The peer support center is a student-run service on campus that is funded through the AMS. It provides a confidential space where any student can come in and have a private session with volunteers who can offer some support for them. Although volunteers are students and not professional councilors, they are trained in many different areas of support like active listening, suicide prevention, and diversity and positive space training. These all help provide the skills that are needed to offer a safe space as well as positive and effective support for students of all different backgrounds.

Where can I find it?

The Peer Support Centre is located in the JDUC on the bottom floor just past the printing centre in rooms 034 and 026. In these two rooms students will find a comfortable and relaxing space with couches, tissues and many different types of tea. The Peer Support Centre makes sure to provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that is open for everyone!

What do they offer?

Other than a safe space to talk about any issues, big or small, the peer support centre offers many more benefits for individuals. For students who are looking for a professional counsellor or need specific help in areas like academics, sexual assault, etc. and are unsure as to how to go about it, volunteers can help. The Peer Support Centre has many outside resources to offer students, from resources on campus like academic advisors, faculty advisors, to off-campus resources like crisis lines, Kingston counselling services and much more.  Plus, volunteers are more than happy to help set up appointments of any kind with peers who may feel uncomfortable reaching out to the resources they want to use. 

How they can benefit you

Many students have reservations about reaching out to professional counsellors because they think that their problems aren’t important enough. At the Peer Support Centre, their motto is no problem is too small! The benefits of talking to someone, even a fellow student, can be huge. Talking it through can help come up with a new solution, help develop new ideas, help relieve built-up emotions and tension and offer some relief. Plus, talking to an outside source is a great option if people don’t feel comfortable talking to friends and family. Overall, the support the PSC offers can help every student at Queens maintain good mental health. 

It’s important for these amazing on-campus resources to be shared and utilized! If you are having problems with academics, personal life, mental health or just want someone to talk to, the Peer Support Centre is the place for you!


Peer Support centre website: http://amspeersupport.com

Laura Wilson

Queen's U '21

Laura Wilson is an Art History and Psychology Major at Queen's University. She loves hiking, environmental sciences and wildlife with a special passion for writing.
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