Girls Inc. at Queen’s

Girls Inc. was founded in 1864 to tailor to the interests of young women and the hardships faced by simply being a woman. This non-profit organization has managed to create a safe place for young girls to develop their self-confidence and to grow up healthy, educated and independent. The club’s mandate has always remained the same: “To inspire young girls to be strong, smart and bold”. 

Girls Inc. at Queen’s is a club that I take much pride in being apart of. The money we raise through various fundraisers goes towards the Girls Inc. limestone chapter in Kingston. This chapter is dedicated to providing various life changing programs and experiences that help young girls navigate gender, economic and social barriers while fostering a community of friendship. 

In Kingston, the limestone chapter offers an after school program for young girls at the age of 6 until they finish grade 8. This program allows girls from the community to create new friendships in a welcoming and safe space. The staff provide many opportunities to get the girls active through a variety of recreational activities. Additionally, the girls have access to various educational tools and services, as well as a kitchen for baking.

The executive team of the Girls Inc. at Queen’s had the opportunity to volunteer at the Kingston location. We interacted with the young girls while participating in a number of fun activities. For each member of the team, this experience was extremely inspiring. It was great to visit these young girls, who looked up to each of us older women. The young girls I met were funny, smart, well mannered and full of life. 

By encouraging girls from a young age to be strong, smart and bold, we are encouraging a culture of head strong, independent women. Girls Inc. is an organization dedicated to the female. We as strong, smart and bold women represent a future full of possibility.