The End Is Near

I’m not sure if everyone’s been keeping up with current events, thus I shall shed some light on some recent happenings. April has arrived my fellow students- yes it is finally here. The final stretch to a glorifying and necessary end. I will be honest, I truly believed this day would never come, and when April 1st  arrived, I was in disbelief. I truly thought it may be an elaborate April fool’s day joke devised by the upper-hands. But it’s no ruse, April has inevitably arrived.

With it comes the stress of finals, assignments and what have you- and I don’t know how I will make it to the finish line. But I shall persevere as should you, for summer is quite literally around the corner- if I strain myself I can see glimpses of blue sky, and could almost feel the soon-to-be respite. Albeit close, for now, we must fight with what little energy we have left- so as to see the dawn of a new summer break. Now that may seem highly improbable currently for the tumultuous amount of work that has flanked our territory. Personally, I have 3 8-page essays, and 3 tests within the span of a week. I have tried spreading myself thin, and then thinner and thinner and have managed to cast myself out of existence. ‘Tis the life of student- hardship, sorrow and finally blissful relief.

But as exam season dawns I cannot help but ponder the year that has passed. It was as I’ve mentioned in a previous article- quite arduous. I’m more than confident in saying, the general student populace shares in my sentiment. The school year of 2018-2019 was probably the most difficult of all. The work unbearable, social life non-existent and work exhausting. There are essays with tear stains and tests strewn across floors in an angry frenzy. Stauff has forgotten what it’s like to not be at full capacity, and CoGro supplies are scarce. The professors weep at the lack of attendance and wish for a change next year. I mean we all are hoping the next year promises a discrepant story. One filled with anecdotes of a happy student lifetime well spent, stress manageable.

BUT; we’re done, another year has come and gone, with our sanity almost intact. Alas, the rollercoaster holding us captive has come to a stop, and we may finally leave our seats. A little dizzy, a little breathless with an excruciating headache, but we can finally leave. And so, I hope your summer is memorable, and September doesn't frighten you!