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Education is for Everyone

For the past 14 years and counting, I've been lucky to attend school and receive an education, which is an opportunity that many around the world don’t have. However, as a student who has experienced and witnessed learning difficulties, I've noticed that the education system doesn't cater to all learning types.

Because schools are structured how they are, it makes it difficult for everyone to learn successfully and reach their fullest potential. It’s 2019 and our society has progressed so much in many other areas, yet we continue to have an incredibly narrow-minded approach to education.

There is so much diversity among students, so it should be a priority to make school an accessible environtment in which everyone can learn and succeed. Education is an incredibly important part of life, and thus the education system should accomodate and include all types of learners.

We've developed some programs where students are able to access education that meets their needs, but these cases are often circumstantial and don't make a huge impact. Education should be something that anyone and everyone can access, no matter how they learn best.

I personally believe that the education system should be reformed to one where students have the opportunity to learn in whichever way is best for them. Each student learns differently and at their own pace. They shouldn’t be confined to the set way of learning that society has normalized, nor should they ashamed about the way they learn best.

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