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Easy Ways to Learn More About Astrology and Your Chart

It’s the New Year and many people are looking for new hobbies to take up as part of their new year’s resolutions. Over the summer, I got interested in astrology when I was browsing the aisles at Indigo and decided to pick up a book all about the subject. Since then, I have discovered that astrology is about so much more than horoscopes and that it is a super interesting and fun topic to learn more about. Therefore, I wanted to compile a list of my personal favourite ways to get more into astrology and learn about your signs and yourself in the process.

1. Websites (Finding Your Natal Chart / Reading)

When you are beginning with learning about astrology, it is important to know what your natal chart is and where your planetary placements are. This gives a much more in-depth view on who you are than just your sun sign (most people know this as the sign they look for when doing their horoscope). My favourite website to look more into my natal chart has been https://cafeastrology.com/. You can easily type in the information needed to see your natal chart and they also offer readings that go in depth on each planet in your chart and what it means. I found this super helpful in getting myself into astrology as it gave me a much better understanding on the importance of things like my moon sign, ascendant, etc. Some of these words may be confusing to people just starting out in understanding your natal chart, but they can be really cool to look into!

2. Books

As I stated earlier, I originally found out about astrology by picking up a book at a book store. This was fun for both me and my family learning about astrology as we were able to go through our different planets/signs and read out descriptions about them in depth. The book that I used was The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Woolfolk (https://www.amazon.ca/Only-Astrology-Book-Youll-Ever/dp/1589796535 can be found on Amazon for $23.00). I found this super helpful with starting out in my understanding of planets and what they mean in your chart and the importance of all of your planets in your chart.

3. Twitter / Instagram

After I got a little more into astrology, I began to follow some twitter accounts related to the topic as I found they had a lot of helpful posts for me to deepen my understanding on some of the astrology topics that I may have not encountered on websites / through the book I purchased. Two of the accounts that I like a lot are @milkstrology and @vodkastrology, but I am sure there are tons more out there! I believe both of these accounts also do paid readings, so if you are interested you can purchase one for a full PDF going further in depth on your personal natal chart and everything involved with it. Furthermore, many accounts like this post fun content like threads with gifs and memes relating to different signs. I have also found an Astro meme page on Instagram that I really like called @notallgeminis who posts funny/entertaining memes pertaining to different signs and I often actually find them super accurate which makes it even better!

4. Apps

I’m sure that there are plenty of apps out there surrounding the topic of astrology; however, one that I was shown by a friend called Co-Star is super cool. You can create a profile and enter the information surrounding your natal chart, and if you add friends you are able to see information on their natal chart placements as well. Every day the app gives you information on things like luck & opportunity, changes, and challenges that you may be facing due to the shifting of the planets in your chart. I found this super interesting and often accurate and it offers a different side to learning about astrology and the effect that these phases can have on your life. 

A lot of people are non-believers in astrology and that’s okay, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it was something that I found super interesting and therefore I wanted to share my little bit of knowledge on the topic so that anyone who is interested may be able to get into it as well!

Eirinn Chisholm

Queen's U '21

My name is Eirinn and I'm 21 years old. Thank you for checking out my writing here on Her Campus :)
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