The Definitive Guide to Going Out in Kingston

We’re entering the dark times where both Frosh Week and Frost Week seem like distant memories. But don’t fret, there are still many opportunities for you to get your freak on in the 613 (the one that isn’t Ottawa) (I’m talking about Kingston) (obviously).

Monday: Queen’s Pub

Queen’s Pub is the ideal place to have a chill night with your friends. QP is playing the Bachelor every Monday through March 11th, so instead of pirating it online (I know you do), go watch it legally, surrounded by fellow members of the Bachelor Nation. Don’t forget to order overly-sweet-but-still-good sangria, and get there by 7:15 to snag a seat!

Tuesday: Mod Club at the Brooklyn

Legend…wait for it...keep waiting…like seriously, the wait is an hour…ary. Mod gets notoriously busy, so try to get there before 10:30 if you want to avoid waiting outside for an absurd amount of time. If you do end up getting caught in the crowd, don’t fret, because the feel-good sing-along music is well worth the wait.

Wednesday: Karaoke at the Brooklyn

The Brooklyn gets a lot of love and for a good reason. Karaoke is the best way to blow off steam after a very difficult half-week of class. Take center stage with your friends, or if you’re brave/blackout you can take it by yourself.

Thursday: TBT at The Underground

Did somebody say cheap drinks, free cover, and not freezing to death while in line for Stages? I’m in! Make sure to check the weekly Facebook event page to see what jams will be playing, and don’t forget to bring your student card to get in.

Friday: Go to a party

The Hub will be crazy busy on Fridays, so grab your friends and hit up a good ol’ house party. Don’t have one to go to? Throw your own! How much longer will you be able to fit a bunch of sweaty adult-children into one small space and get beer all over your floor? Not for very long! Take advantage of it while you can. It’s SO college.

Saturday: Trinity Social

I know, right? It came out of left field, but Trin is now officially the place to be on Saturday nights. It’s actually nice inside and they have dollar beers. 0-100 real quick. Get there either before 10:30 or after 12:30 to avoid a long wait.

Sunday: The Brass

After a long, hard weekend of going out, it’s time to go out again! Head to The Brass to grab a pitcher, or two, or three (or more, there’s no judgement here) with your friends. Make sure to order the spin dip if you have any love for yourself whatsoever. Cheers!