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Campus Cutie: Adam Klingbaum

Name: Adam Klingbaum

Faculty: Commerce

Year: Second

Hometown: Toronto, ON


As valedictorian of his graduating class in high school, Adam has seen nothing but success from the moment he stepped foot on the Queen’s campus. From landing a spot on the prestigious Queen’s University Investment Counsel to – well, what could top that one? Beyond his seemingly bottomless list of academic and extracurricular accomplishments, Adam is also cute as a button. He lights up every room he walks into with his bright smile and sparkling sense of humour. Let’s learn more on how he does it.


How do you balance being on QUIC with maintaining your blinding pearly white smile?

All I can say is that flossing doesn’t take too long, and is definitely key.


As an avid cook, can you recommend an easy, budget-friendly meal for those of us just learning to cook for ourselves?

I’d recommend bell peppers stuffed with ground turkey and rice. This makes for a well-rounded meal and requires very few ingredients. You can also throw in some sauteed onions and mushrooms, or get even more creative than that.


What are the essential ingredient(s) that must be in your morning shake to set up your day to be a good one?

I would say it’s the combination of all five ingredients – almond milk, banana, frozen berries, brown rice protein, and flax seed – that really get me going, each contributing different nutritional value. I can undoubtedly tell later in the day if one of those essential ingredients was missing from my morning smoothie, and in that case, there is no chance my day will be a successful one.


You always get a laugh out of everything you say. Who are your comedic inspirations?

To be honest, I know that my comedic style can sometimes only appeal to a niche audience, but I’m glad I’m able to make people laugh from time-to-time. I think I inherited my sense of humour from my family, primarily my dad and uncle, who say some of the funniest things I ever hear. I don’t watch too many real comedians, but I do think Gabriel Iglesias is hilarious.


What is the key to getting the perfect tie dimple?

There was probably a period of a month during which I was trying to master the art of tying a perfect dimple in my tie. The key is practice, and it obviously is easier to do with some times than with others. I soon realized though that the dimple is not the only way to tie a tie, and there are now occasions for which, and ties with which, I much prefer not to tie a dimple. There’s no doubt, however, that a dimple portrays one’s level of precision and attention to detail.


What is one thing on your ultimate life bucket list that you hope to check off within the next year?

I really want to see a full beard come in on my face. I grew one out for just over a month recently, and while satisfied with the volume in some areas, I was very frustrated by the lack of growth in the moustache region.


What is your go-to exercise at the gym?

I would say I have two go-to exercises: push-ups and one-arm bent-over dumbbell rows (pictured below). No matter what body part(s) I’m targeting in a particular workout, I usually try to throw these in because I’ve learned the importance of always incorporating both pushing and pulling. I love push-ups because there are so many variations of the exercise and they all target full-body activation. I love the bent-over rows because they target the upper- and lower-back and the biceps, while incorporating core stability.


What song has been on your gym playlist for far too long?

No matter what playlist I’m listening to in a particular workout, I almost always have some Bon Jovi in there, as well as You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban. There are for sure other workout music staples on my phone, like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and the soundtrack from Rent.


Recommended Netflix binge watches?

My first binge watch ever was Prison Break. I loved this show and still do, as demonstrated by my continued bi-annual binge of the show. I would also 100% recommend: White Collar, Breaking Bad, 24, and House of Cards, the latter which I just recently started. Stranger Things is also crazy!


Which Disney princess do you most identify with and why?

After completing this quiz (https://ohmy.disney.com/quiz/2014/06/25/quiz-which-disney-princess-are-you/) I apparently most identify with Snow White, as my “big heart and sweet temperament” mean I “make friends easily.”

Holly is a fourth year Commerce student at Queen's University. Having been a part of the Her Campus team for the last two years, she looks forward to publishing the chapter's best work this year! In her free time, you can find her at the gym or reading a book.
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