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Campus Celebrity: Aman Partap

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Queen's U chapter.

Aman Partap is a first year Arts and Science student running for the position of Rector. We sat down with him to find out a little more about why he decided to run for the position, and his thoughts for the position.

When asked why he decided to run for the position, Aman tells us that he knew that the chance came around only every few years and so he decided to go for it. He admits that it’s a “tough process” because the other candidates had a longer time to prepare and think about the decision to run.

On being prepared for the role: “I don’t think any of us is truly prepared for the role, because you can’t really be ready for something you’ve never done before. I think it’s more about the drive and passion you have. I think those are the only qualifications needed for the job.”  

“Be as open as you can be.” He talks about being able to connect to any student as a friend, and building relationships especially “because of the extended term”. He speaks about being visible in the community, like eating in the cafeteria and talking to students. “Learn about what makes the school go round.”

Although in first year, he speaks about the philosophy behind his campaign and what inspired that. Aman says that he can bring a new perspective with no biases because he is a first year and he is growing along with the student body.

When asked about the most important points in his platform, he reminds us about the similar vision that all the candidates have so he’ll be happy with whoever wins. The first point he speaks to is Homecoming and taking “the traffic off of the Kingston community” and pushing for a “controlled event where all alumni and [students] can talk to each other and network.” It will bring together the two “most excited about groups about homecoming: the first years and the alumni.” Having a place where all those groups come together will “instill a sense of commitment” to the schools. He speaks about Non-Academic Discipline and keeping it student run. He says that mental health and wellness needs to be more accessible by raising awareness and have “one number where anyone call and go to”. Aman believes that not many students know about it because it is very spread out. He speaks about being able to encourage training for TA’s because of the very large role they play in courses speaking to the training that teachers have to go through.

On enrollment: “Limit enrollment growth as much as possible – that’s the direction we want to go in. Queen’s is classified as a mid-sized university and as Principal Woolf said, “We want to keep it that way.” He speaks about stretched resources and not increasing enrollment if the school cannot meet everyone’s needs adequately. Living on West Campus, he mentions common rooms being converted into double rooms “which takes away from the community feel which is not what Queen’s is about”.

On the process of running for rector: “The only thing I want to say is, regardless of if I win or lose this election – obviously I am a bit of an underdog because I am in first year – I’ve won either way because I’ve learned so much, gained so much experienc,e and met so many awesome people that if I lose I’ll still have benefited from this. I know in future years if I run again, or do anything it just opens so many doors and I’m so glad I did this. I’ve met great people including the other two Rector candidates and I’m sure if either one of them become the Rector, they will do great in the position.”

When asked about the hard-hitting question of West Campus caf vs. Main Campus cafeteria he remains diplomatic in his answer (and suggests the university started it to make kids on West feel better) and says they’re fairly equal.

One song that describes your life: “Tubthumping” because it’s about getting up after getting knocked down.

10 years from now: “I have a general vicinity for where I want to go but I can’t set that in stone.” He talks about the current career path that he is thinking about which is that of a neurological spine surgeon. He talks about the many passions he has “business, politics, science” and that’s why he doesn’t want to limit himself. “I don’t think anyone should limit themselves […] everybody has a capability in them to do amazing things and great things.”

Voting starts the 28th and ends the 29th, through your email or the many booths set up around campus!

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