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Fun fact: I love music. Regardless of my mood, my playlist of the day will be my best friend. Music sneaks its way into all of my favourite memories: bonfires, concerts, belting in the car, etc. Singing along to songs is genuinely one of my passions. Am I talented? Certainly not. Enthusiastic? Most definitely. 

I encourage you to join me in recognizing the greatness that is belting along to your favourite songs. I’m not asking for too much; chances are, you have great memories singing along to songs as well… because it rocks. Not only is this a fun pastime, but I also think it’s beneficial for us. Here’s why: 

  1. It’s Cathartic!

Artists take the initiative to put human experiences into music, the least we can do is scream-sing along. This way, we get to release our emotions in a safe, fun, and boppy way. Sure, listening to songs is awesome since it lets our brains connect to what we’re feeling. However, belting out songs is even more awesome because it lets our bodies connect to our emotions too! 

  1. Songs Deserve to be Sung

Seriously. Think of all the good songs out there. Restricting them to only being appreciated and sung by talented people? Selfish. There’s nothing else I can say to you to emphasize this. Songs are made to be sung and thankfully, most people can’t tell if I’m pitchy either. Bless. 

  1. Potential Bonding

Let’s be real: most people don’t sing aloud because it’s too vulnerable. I once had a manager rap the entirety of Nicki Minaj’s Monster on the floor of our store and realized both how terrifying that must’ve been and how cool he was. Although, for some of us, even just saying our favourite songs aloud is vulnerablelet alone singing along. However, music bonds us and disrupting vulnerability with your pals brings you closer. If you’re lucky, they’ll match your energy and you will build a repertoire that you rely on whenever the moment feels right. 

  1. Genuine Entertainment

Have you ever attended a non-optional concert strung together by your little cousins? Either way, you’d probably only think that’s cute or entertaining because they’re little, right? No. It’s because they are unhinged. Thankfully, all of us can possess the same entertainment value if we channel our inner, adolescent dorkiness. I did this just the other night with my housemate. Lights off, Mariah Carey blasting, and a full audience consisting of another housemate and her friend, both of whom we’ve only met this month. That’s showbiz, baby!

  1. Learning About Yourself! 

As much as we might think we know ourselves, there’s always room for surprise. Your reaction to singing a song might tell you a bit more about where you’re at! Aggressively screaming along to Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever? Perhaps that’s a sign you’re holding onto more anger than you thought… or you need to embrace your anger more often! Singing Olivia Rodrigo with more passion than someone with your love life maybe should? Well, I’ll let you crack that code. Point is, giving ourselves the space to actively embody these songs might help us navigate our own brains. How cool!

Point is, belting songs can be whatever you want them to be: fun, crazy, or an act of self-care. We deserve to let the music that occupies space in our brains occupy our homes (and the homes of our neighbours who’d get their money back if they could). I think you should try it out. So much so, that I will provide you with a list of three songs to kickstart your singing journey (or add to your current list of go-to’s):

  1. All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey (you don’t have to wait until December or celebrate the holiday to appreciate this BOP)
  2. Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood
  3. Wouldn’t Change a Thing – Camp Rock 2: Final Jam

Happy singing, everyone!!

Emma Viner

Queen's U '22

Emma Viner is a fourth year Drama student at Queen's University. She loves theatre, comedy, and exploring various avenues of creative expression.
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