All You Need to Know About Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Rumoured Romance

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, the two co-stars in the remake of A Star is Born, have fans across the world wondering about the possibility of a romance between them. The fans’ fascination is due to the on-screen romance in the movie between the drunken rock star and an up and coming artist, as well as the apparent off-camera chemistry between the two that is hard to ignore.

The biggest and most recent speculation regarding their romance surrounds their Oscar performance, where they performed their award-winning original song, “Shallow.” This was an intimate performance that had fans questioning whether their chemistry was more than an act. Bradley Cooper even finished the performance by sitting beside Lady Gaga and singing into the same microphone, their faces touching. The news that Lady Gaga just broke off her engagement to her fiancé has also contributed to rumors of a possible romance. Yet, when Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend, Irina Shayk, was interviewed about Cooper and Gaga’s performance, she didn’t seem phased at all. She remarked that she understood that the two were in character as they were putting on an “Oscar Performance.”

However, this wasn’t the only performance in which the stars seemed a little too comfortable with each other. At one of Lady Gaga’s shows in Las Vegas, Bradley came to watch and she coaxed him up onto the stage to play their song. Again, this consisted of the two hugging and Lady Gaga kneeling and listening to him as he was singing his portion of the song.

All in all, it’s hard to argue against their undeniable chemistry and comfort with each other. With Lady Gaga’s recent break up with her fiancé, fans can’t help but wonder, despite Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend suggesting the opposite. Who’s to say whether or not there’ll be more in the future for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga?