In recent days, and through the process of adulting I have stumbled across a myriad of truths- truths no adult seems urged to disclose to us youth. Truths that have faded the facade of adult life, and hindered it bitter-sweet. I have come to the realization that to every sunrise, there is a sunset- and not the kind that leaves you breathless and in a daze of admiration and hope but rather the kind that makes you want to crawl back to bed, turn off your alarm and call it a day.

What I’m trying to convey via rant is that adventures are romanticized, and made into a Hollywood theme. People in books and movies, songs and documentaries go on adventures for countless reasons- regardless of why and what it always ends with this self-reclamation and sense of enlightenment. And the journey itself enchanting and captivating. However, the harsh reality sinks in upon deciding to partake in an adventure. For no-one ever talks about the downfall of having to actually walk for miles, drive for days and catch your breath on the side of the road with the hefty judging of onlookers. No-one ever tells you about the thirst that can’t be quenched, the tired that refuses to ebb and your muscles aching for days on end.

Adventures are great in theory- the idea of exploring unpaved paths, chasing sunsets and memories waiting to be ceased. I mean I need little convincing when the prospect of a journey is made so sweet. But when I actually begin to venture, I ache for home- a phantom limb that sings of relief. For recently, my best friend and I- on a whim- rode a ferry to a town undiscovered and wandered the streets looking for trouble (not in the literal sense). We walked for hours, talked a storm, sung until our lungs collapsed and decided to uncover the truths of abandoned places. In the heat of the moment, adventuring promised wonders and whispered soothingly of the amazing time we’d have.

Being as naive as we are, we didn’t heed logic’s counter argument of sore feet, frozen hands and broken back. And so we walked, ran, danced paying disregard to the storm cloud that hovered threateningly near. Thenceforth when the excitement of wandering faded we were left with what logic had plighted and our cries carried by the wind.

Alas, the storm cloud came to a crashing halt right above our heads and rained misery- and so with logic’s heckling echoing in the back we headed back home and happily retired into pajamas and into the warm, welcoming the embrace of our beds. Conclusively adulting is one big elaborate prank the universe pulls- with a farce of freedom. However, upon crossing the threshold one is welcomed with bills unpaid, adventures unfinished and aches that never ever fade. And so my dear friends, I shall end this year with one last kinda sound advice; don’t buy into the ruse devised by the higher-uppers, instead allow logic reign and for your own sake take its advice. Adulting is fun, adventuring grand but reality is far more powerful- and pain will have its way. Alas have fun but remain wary of cloud storms- if they appear go back home and hide in your rooms, and if the sky is clear and you hear no whispers of truth then, by all means, carry on. Have fun and be safe. Have a great summer everyone!