8 Struggles Curly-Haired Girls Know Well

  1. 1. Resisting the urge to use hot-tools that make your curls SO much more manageable.

  2. 2. Getting asked why you don’t just leave your hair natural more often….”It’s so pretty!”

  3. 3. Realizing humidity has the power to re-style your hair for you...and not in a good way.

  4. 4. Choosing an extra hour of sleep over doing your ten-step hair routine, and having to leave home with your hair in a bun instead…again.

  5. 5. Brushing your hair is not an option; you have to start from scratch every time.

  6. 6. Having curls that are unpredictable...I wonder what they’ll look like today?

  7. 7. Quickly drying your hair? A myth. Your hair takes hours to dry after you shower.

  8. 8. Learning to love your curls despite it all.