6 Reasons Why Nashville is the Next Show You Should Watch on Netflix

Have you ever scrolled past “Nashville” while looking for the next thing to watch on Netflix? I did for years, and now I finally gave in to one of the best shows ever made. Here are 6 reasons why it’s my fav.

1. Want to watch TV and listen to great music? This is for you 

This show is full of great acoustic songs that’ll make you want to listen to them over and over and over… The actors’ voices are so amazing that you may want to drop out of uni to start a singing career.

2. You get to listen to southern accents

Enough said. Every character speaks with a southern accent so if you only want to watch it for this reason, I don’t blame you!

3. The Drama

There’s every type of drama you can imagine– family drama, teenage drama, young adult, and music industry drama– you name it, there’s something for everyone. It honestly never gets boring and you’ll be wanting to click“next episode” every time.

4. It lets you live vicariously through people who aren’t in school 

You can forget all about your classes and uni drama and just live out your dream to be a famous singer through these characters. It’s also so interesting to see how the rich and famous probably live.

5. The relationships

It features dynamic relationships where everyone is connected to everyone in some way. Each character has their own backstory that allows for a very complex and interesting plot.

6. Hayden Panettiere is one of the leading actresses!

You probably know her from Bring it On, but she’s absolutely amazing on “Nashville” and brings so much to the show.

So give it a chance! You’ll fall in love and become addicted by the second episode, so I just warn you to be careful. Before you know it, you’ll be loving country music too; each song has an emotional story behind it that truly makes it something special. I promise you won’t regret it! So try something new, even if you claim to hate country music.