6 Lies You Told Yourself This Semester

You know you’re lying to yourself, and you just don’t care. You have a Netflix addiction to feed, Easter chocolate to eat, and exams that can be studied for tomorrow night. Here are your biggest lies.

1. “I’ll work on that assignment tomorrow.”

No, you won’t. You’ll wait as long as you possibly can to start that essay and then write it the night before the deadline in a caffeinated frenzy. It’s okay though, you’re going to nail it.

2. “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.”

But oh no, it’s raining out - is it really worth it? The answer is no, it’s okay, you’ll get ’em next New Year’s resolution.

3. “I’m not going out this weekend.”

University is all about the experiences, right? You can fit all your work in on Sunday night, anyways.

4. “This is the last episode; I swear.”

It’s okay, nobody has the ability to ignore The Office’s theme song. You’re only human.

5. “I’ll eat a vegetable tomorrow.”

Your mom sent you back with some Lindor chocolates and you don’t want them to go to waste! It’s okay, you had some broccoli in your pasta sauce.

6. “I’m definitely going to my 8:30 tomorrow.”

Sleep is important for your mental and physical health. You need those extra hours. Sleep peacefully.