5 Reasons Why I'm Hooked on Netflix's "The Politician"

Calling all Ben Platt lovers! Who’s ready to binge watch some quality television this spooky season? 

After an off-screen hiatus, Platt is back as he stars in Netflix’s new hit series, The Politician. (Don’t worry, no spoilers here) He plays Payton, a driven high school student who believes that it’s his destiny to become President of the United States.  That is, once he graduates high school. In preparation for his future career, he runs for Student Council President.

I’ve only watched one episode and I’m already hooked. The following are five reasons why I’m watching The Politician…even though I know nothing about politics. 

  1. 1. I'm not a political person

    To be quite honest, I’ve never been interested in politics. With the Canadian federal election around the corner, I’m determined to learn more about the candidates so I actually know what’s going on. After watching the first episode of The Politician, I began to look at politics differently.  I came to the realization that many elements of our lives can be considered ‘political’ in some shape or form, but may not be political in the traditional sense.   For example, I began to think about the politics of friendship. Often teenagers believe that they should be treated like royalty for some strange reason. I love the confidence, but this kind of behaviour can cause unnecessary divisions within social circles. 

  2. 2.  Ben Platt is a king

    Can you believe that Platt played Benji in Pitch Perfect, Evan in Dear Evan Hansen, and now Payton in The Politician?! 

    Platt is the definition of perfection.  After watching the first episode of The Politician, I noticed similarities between Payton (The Politician) and Evan (Dear Evan Hansen).  Platt brings both of these characters to life as he speaks at a fast pace and mumbles. Both Evan and Payton are uptight characters, while Payton is more confident than Evan.  So, if you’re a Dear Evan Hansen fan (AKA a fansen), you’ll love analyzing Platt’s evolution as an actor.

  3. 3. It helps us understand the different ways in which individuals express their emotions

    Payton shares that he’s unable to be vulnerable, even during times of tragedy.  He feels like something is wrong because he doesn’t cry. This emphasizes the fact that as human beings, we all experience hardships in our lives, and we react to these situations in various ways.  Our reactions may be different, and finding ways to cope means something different to everyone.

  4. 4.  It focuses on the importance of being driven and determined

    Payton believes that he’s going to win the race for Student Council President, and also believes that he will one day become the President of the United States.  Even though his dream seems far-fetched, he’s set on achieving his goal with hard work and determination. I respect Payton for putting himself out there as teenagers these days are often hesitant about stepping out of their comfort zones in order to achieve greatness.  This is because we’re afraid of making mistakes and are scared of standing out from the crowd. 

  5. 5. Netflix shows are just addictive 

    A big shoutout to Netflix for letting me binge watch entire seasons of shows, and for automatically playing the next episode for me. I guess it’s a sign that I gotta keep watching.  What I love about The Politician is that you can watch entire episode while completing school work or working out at the gym. Even though the plot is complex and it’s important to focus while watching, it’s one of those shows that’s watchable while multi-tasking.  


So when you’re waiting for season 2 of The Politician to come out, no need to thank me.