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The 5 Best Friends We Have and Why They’re Important

1. The One You Tell Everything To

They’ll always be an open book; this friend is non-judgemental and nothing you tell them really surprises them, but they’re always there to actively listen and give solid advice. This pal is one of the only people who knows absolutely everything about you and all the deep, dark secrets you keep – nothing is off limits. You feel like you’ll always be able to run to them for support.

Why they’re important:

Bottling up has never been a good thing. Having at least one friend whom you can spill the serious beans to without any judgment is really important.

2. The Spontaneous One

This is the friend who will convince you to run 12km on a Monday afternoon, or plan a trip to Bali in the middle of the week, or hang out in an abandoned area one Saturday evening before a dinner party. This friend is pretty much down for anything, and probably won’t take “no” for an answer.

Why they’re important:

Spontaneity in life is one of the most valuable things you can imagine. Sometimes routine (especially if you’re a student) can get the better of you, and you end up realizing how many fantastic moments you’re missing out on.

3. The Long-Distance Friend

You haven’t seen each other in months or years, but you still remain friends and seem to continue where you left off every time you do get to see each other. You update each other about your lives and have tons to things to talk about. Thank God for social media!

Why they’re important:

They give you the love, support and friendship you need when those in your immediate area can’t. You know that there’s someone out there who’s experiencing a very different life than you and that you’ll be able to share your unique and interesting experiences, together.

4. The One from Your Childhood

This one has watched you grow up – every time you meet it’s another “remember that time when…” Usually it’s some crazy small detail about your life, or theirs, or your lives combined, that you never thought would come up again. You’ll probably spend a good 15 minutes, or more likely the rest of your day, reminiscing about how things used to be at one point in your life.

Why they’re important:

Rather than reminding you of a horrible drunken night from university, or that one embarrassing time on vacation, they bring up the tiniest, fondest memory of that hilarious moment everyone was cracking up about in History class.

5. The Artsy One

This friend downs their liquor like water and writes insanely great poetry. They give you some sort of comfort in conversation and unique insight into anything you end up talking about. This friend gives you inspiration, opportunity, and a safe space to express yourself in ways you didn’t think possible. Their thirst for and commitment to a fast-paced, crazy, unconventional lifestyle motivates you to stick to your values too.

Why they’re important:

Someone who’s so unconventional will drive you to think outside the box and notice things that you normally wouldn’t. They teach you that life doesn’t have to be one way and that the ups and downs are in fact, okay.

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