4 Netflix Shows You Simply Cannot Miss Out On

As school work begins to pile on, and deadlines slowly eat every inch of your calendar, it is not a surprise that you are feeling stressed. But remember that you are not alone! Before I get any further, I would like to point out that I am by no means promoting the act of procrastination. In fact, I deem procrastination the ultimate plague, one of humanity’s biggest flaws, and the bane of my existence. However, it is important to give yourself a mental break every now and then from all the assignments, projects, papers, and just lose yourself in the world of Netflix.

Without further ado, here is a list of Netflix TV shows that you must watch:

1.) Friends 


If you have never watched this, shame on you. Just kidding. But do make sure you check it out!  This is probably one of my all-time favorite shows. Fun fact, the stars of Friends were paid $1 million per episode, which goes a long way to show that they were pretty darn good at acting.

2.) Suits 


I almost wanted to pursue law school because of this show. Plus, nothing gets better than intelligent, attractive men in suits.

3.) The Office


*FULL DISCLOSURE* I am slightly embarrassed to include this on my list considering I have never watched The Office. But I have heard so many positive reviews about this show from everyone around me that I am convinced that it is a classic.

4.) Black Mirror 


This is for sure a darker, more serious show. It will make you ponder on the different aspects of our society. Since each episode has its own storyline, the urge to binge-watch is subdued. If you don’t have much self-control, this show is for you!

School is important, but do not stress too much! Hope you enjoy the shows.