3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Bullet Journal

  1. 1. It helps you stay organized

    Bullet journals are multifunctional. Some people use bullet journals as an agenda where they create a section for each month and then write important dates, appointments, to-do lists or even homework that they have to complete. Bullet journals can also be very useful as a tracker because they allow people to document how many calories they’ve eaten, their mood, how much money they’ve spent, or how many glasses of water they’ve consumed. All of these things can be tracked and located in your bullet journal, instead of having a bunch of notes everywhere.

  2. 2. It lets your creative side shine

    A bullet journal can be for everyone, not only for those with artistic ability. You can doodle in it, and add photos, washi tape, glitter and stickers, which provides the opportunity for people to express their creative side. You can even play around with fonts, calligraphy and colours. Some people enjoy having a themed bullet journal such as a book or a movie theme, or having a colour theme. The bullet journal is great because there are endless possibilities on how you design it and you can make it as simple or as complex as you want. Having a bullet journal can be rewarding because bullet journaling may help you relax. They have been found to help people who are more visual, since people often use symbols and pictures in their bullet journals, rather than words, to help them remember something. 

  3. 3. It’s functional and provides flexibility

    A bullet journal is cheap and portable for you to store anything you want in it. The appeal of the bullet journal is that people like having a physical notebook where they can draw, colour and design, instead of just storing information in their phone. Some people enjoy it as a hobby and will spend hours designing pages, while others just jot down quick notes. You can work on it whenever and wherever you want for however long you want to. There are no rules or expectations. Your bullet journal is completely and utterly yours, so you can design it however YOU want.